Report – California City To Remove Public Seating After Seeing A Huge Spike In COVID-19 Cases

The officials of the California city are planning to remove all the public seating, especially outdoor public seating in the city after seeing a huge spike in the COVID-19 cases.

The process for the removal of the public seats is set to start from coming Sunday and from Manhattan Beach which is located along the Southern side of the California coast and about 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The representatives of the city have said that the process for the removal of public property will start at 10 p.m. on Sunday. Properties that will be removed include public tables and chairs in outdoor seating spaces until further notice.

The announcement was made after the city on Saturday announced the latest trend for the COVID-19 cases which stood at 821 but have nearly doubled since 1st November.

On December 31st, the daily number of new cases was 21 and on New Year’s Day the number has bumped up to 26. Meanwhile, the ICU Capacity in Southern California is still standing at 0%.

dpatop – 21 March 2020, Italy, Ferrara: People in protective suits transport a coffin with a corpse of the deceased due to the coronavirus in the cemetery of Ferrara. Military vans are having to transport coffins from Bergamo to other Italian cities, as the city, hard-hit by the coronavirus, has long run out of space for the many Covid-19 dead. Photo: Massimo Paolone/LaPresse via ZUMA Press/dpa

The mayor for Manhattan Beach, Suzzane Hadley had urged the residents around the beach to “stay home as possible” and just go out for work and essentials, or to exercise outdoors.

“This recent spike in the virus is significant despite the good news last month of our Manhattan Beach firefighters receiving some of the first COVID-19 vaccinations,” Hadley said. 

“Although public seating areas will be closed temporarily, please continue supporting our local businesses that offer pick-up, curbside, take-out, and delivery services,” Hadley added.

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