Report – Ex-President Trump Spends Christmas At Mar-a-Lago Whereas The Current President Joe Biden Spends In Delaware

Ex-President Trump Spends Christmas At Mar-a-Lago

It’s Christmas and the ex and current presidents of America have planned in different ways to celebrate it. 

President Trump reportedly has made plans to spend Christmas Day doing what he does the best, hitting the links at his Trump International Golf Course in Palm Beach, Florida where he is said to celebrate his holidays as well.

Previously, the president was seen arriving on Christmas morning with Sen. Lindsey Graham of South California who is one of his congressional allies and golfing partners.

With that, the ex-president was also spotted with a far rarer companion, the 74-year-old coiffed commander in chief who was photographed in the back of the Beast with Graham. 

Later Friday, Trump also made the announcement on his Twitter that he would make a virtual address to the service members serving overseas.

“It is a celebration of Christmas. Video Conference – Fake News not invited!” he added.

On the other side of the table, the current president, Joe Biden is back where he spent most of his 2020 year, ‘inside his Wilmington Del and bolthole’ with his wife Jill Biden. Biden’s transition team called a lid at 9 a.m. meaning the former veep won’t be able to do any Christmas travel.

A new holiday message was revealed this Friday morning featuring Joe Biden and his wife who was acknowledged that they would be spending their holidays alone skipping the Christmas dinner which they used to host with their 25 other relatives every year.

“We’re going to miss our family, but it’s what we need to do to keep our family safe,” Biden said.

“We hope you’ll consider limiting travel and the size of family gatherings as well this year.” 


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