Report – Florida Teachers Booked For Spraying Students For Not Wearing Masks Properly

Florida high school teacher has been charged for allegedly spraying her students with sanitizers who weren’t wearing their masks properly.

The teacher identified as the 51-year-old Christina Reszetar has hauled out of Largo High School on Wednesday and booked into the Pinellas County Jail for the counts of child abuse.

Christina Reszetar who is the teacher who teaches disabled math, allegedly told cops that four of her students refused her to wear their face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, after finding out the truth, the cops filed accused of aiming aerosol disinfectant spray directly “into the path of their faces and bodies,” according to a police report obtained by the outlet.

Christina Reszetar who has been teaching for 21 years and spend a night in jail and appeared before a judge on Thursday.

She allegedly told the police that the release of a surveillance video of the incident would exonerate her, for which the Largo Police Department thought not to release the footage.

The judge released Reszetar without bond, noting that the educator doesn’t have a criminal record.

“I think I can fairly characterize this as a severely misguided attempt at discipline,” the judge said.

However, the Florida teacher is still employed by the Pinellas County School District but it’s unclear when or if she’ll be back in the classroom.

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