Resident Evil 8: All Information You Need to Have

In the previous few months, Resident Evil 8 has been subjected to rumor and leaks about the game. Insiders like Dusk Golem informed that ‘the primary horror name of Capcom is set and it is the first person to be at a snowy European village. Apart from this claim, the match is set to be one of the most important deaths to take place in the background of that series. The recent insight has been revealed that came from the biohazard cast, who have shared details about Resident Evil 8 villain, the characters, the places, and more.

The report says Alan R is going to be in the leading role this season who will be filmed in the castle on the mountain, just above a village and has performed pretty well in ‘The Connections’. The second villain will be Natalia/Alex Wesker, and it is also suggested that Blue Umbrella is not what they represent themselves as. The location like o forests, areas, and waterfalls will be the attraction point of the scenes this time along with the journey in villages and insider aura of castles.Moreover, the flashlight in the dark light is going to take the player’s attention along with recharging the facility.Lastly, there is a story part that has Ethan and Mia. They are both going to have a child who will not be a human but that is normal as of their illnesses as shown in Resident Evil 7 and so will be living remotely and killing the kid who tries to hide the young one but Chris Redfield breaks into Ethan’s house and shoots at Mia. 

When Ethan woke up, Chris had left, he bandaged Mia and did not leave her to die. Shadows are seen by Ethan who then gets abducted and wakes up in the village, and the game begins. 

Though these details are not confirmed by Capcom so I guess we will have to wait and witness it ourselves. 

Nishad kinhikar
I am 20 years old and an aspiring engineering student and now doing writing some project.