Review of Burna Boy: “Twice As Tall”

The Nigerian superstar Burna Boy premiered his fifth album at the 2020 US Grammy award in January.  But as he said, he felt sick at the Grammy awards, asking “Why was it not us?”. In November 2019 Burna Boy had a concert at a completely full Wembley Arena.

His 2019 album African Giant was a mix of Afro-fusion, Jamaican dancehall, R&B, and other styles and is a special work. He spent much of his youth in the UK and is very popular in North America.

Drake worked with him in 2017. Burna Boy’s work also appeared in Beyonce’s Lion King companion album, The Gift. When Angélique Kidjo accepted her Grammy she dedicated it to Burna Boy saying that young artists like him changed the way people see Africa.

African Giant proved that African pop is merging with different styles and that the continent produces fresh pop-music with a new approach. Twice As Tall is in many ways based on African Giant.

Yoruba and Pidgin verses, sounds from his Nigerian collaborators, and many famous artists. The music video to the first single of the album Wonderful celebrates the tribal culture of Africa.

The information about his first song went viral on Youtube. In just a few hours, the track had more than 100 000 views. It means that many different influencers on Youtube shared or liked the video.

You can also start a Youtube career right away by purchasing the YouTube subscribers that are quality ones and stay with you for a long time. A very interesting song is Monsters You Made is a political song.

Review of Burna Boy: “Twice As Tall”
Review of Burna Boy: “Twice As Tall”

“We are the monsters you made” raps Burna Boy in this anti-colonial track. The song has inserts of Chris Martin singing a chorus.

The song talks about how white colonialists oppressed the African population and declared them monsters when they tried to fight back. In the end, the voice of Ama Ata Aidoo, a writer from Ghana asks “Is it over?”.

Burna Boy first became popular in 2012 as a vibes-bringer. Since then he changed African pop music and made it popular throughout the world.

Burna Boy and Wizkid have a new song on the way?

A couple of days ago Burna Boy and Wizkid were seen together in a studio. A year before this Wizkid teased a new song on his Instagram account. One of the songs featured Burna Boy.

Recently Wizkid shared a picture of him in the studio with Burna Boy. Wizkid and Burna Boy are good friends. Bizzle Osikoya, a talent developer and artist helper confirmed that the two will release a song. Wizkid’s new song with H.E.R. had 3 million streams on Spotify the same day as he posted the picture on Instagram.

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