Rick and Morty Season 4: Recent Updates

Rick and Morty are among the best-animated television series entertaining us from their replies. Season 4 was confirmed in May 2018 with all total 10 episodes. The complete episodes are available on May 3, 2020, after being asked in two parts of five episodes at a time.

The fourth season is a complete package of entertainment and some thrill. In episode 1 of season 4 “Edge of Tomorty Rick Die Rickpeat” Rick and Morty both went to an alien planet to harvest death crystals that can show all the possible ways of death in future the crystal shows Morty that he is going to die with Jessica. Rick tries to change this but continuously dying in the future and thus wanted to get back to reality.

Next, the episode aliens are troubling Rick and Morty. The secret toilet made by Rick is now used by the aliens also when they were hunting treasure, they found a heist expert has robbed the prize. In the next episode, Rick promised Morty to get a new partner as a flying, fire breathing dragon. In the same episode, a mysterious talking cat that scares Morty of something unplanned is going to happen. After which they were in outer space where the ship suffers a flat tire, when they moved out to repair the ship Morty suffers a snake bite and the situation gets complicated. After a while, they found themselves in a weird plane where passengers telling anthology stories. These stories scared Rick, Morty, and Jerry and they just want to get out of the ship at any cost. 

Rick and Morty get shocked when they find themselves fighting against the face-hugging aliens. After the fight Rick, Beth, Summer, and Morty wherein a galactic adventure. It. the time when the complete characters are all together in the same episode after a long time.  In Rick and Morty season 4 finale “Star Mort Martin of the Jerry” has some great twists which indirectly says wait for the next season. It has been also revealed that Rick is hiding his best person keepings in the garage. 

The suspense still remains about Rick plan of hiding Phoenix person keepings. Phoenix person was Rick’s oldest and closest friend and he can’t lose him. The question still left that Rick’s invention would able to get back his former friend seen in the next season or not. This suspense is enough to get a hint about the next upcoming season Rick and Morty season 5.

Nishad kinhikar
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