Russell Simmons’ old yoga spot must ‘rid the space of bad vibes’ took over by Gym

Russell Simmons was once crowned by The New York Times as “The Yoga King of  Los Angeles.” But these days, Simmons’ karma is apparently so bad in Hollywood  that a new gym opening in his former studio on Thursday is having an exorcism to rid  the 8,000-square-foot space of Simmons’ bad mojo! 

The hip-hop pioneer opened two-story Tantris Yoga Studio on Sunset Blvd. in 2016,  complete with a juice bar, a salon and a boutique selling his own Tantris label. But  the space next to West Hollywood’s Soho House shuttered in 2018 after Simmons  was accused of sexual misconduct by a dozen women dating back to 1983.  (Simmons has strongly denied all accusations of sexual abuse). 

We have learnt the state-of-the-art fitness brand, Performix House, is taking over  Simmons’ old space, but a spiritual source told us that before it opens they’ll “rid the  space of the bad vibes and toxic energy” of its previous owner. They have planned a  ceremony to perform on Thursday to bring in an LA-based veteran shaman, named  Alejandra DeLuca.

“Alejandra will bless the space, clearing the air and removing any  negative energy, using an infusion of copal (sap from a tree in the Amazon) and sage  to bring in healing energy and to create a reset,” as per what the reports claim. 

We hear that “Trainers will sit socially distanced in a circle with masks on” as the  shaman “will lead a brief meditation, and be a guide for intention-setting as well.” 

The ceremony is not just on account of Simmons, but also to “bring in healthy,  positive vibes in light of the systemic injustices going on around us,” the source  added. 

Sambhavi Shalini
I am a second-year law student at New Law College, Pune. I like painting and writing, I am a "cynophilist" and in the future, I would love to open a foster care center for stray animals.


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