San Antonio leader issues mask mandate with Gov. Abbotts blessing

 As the cases of Coronavirus are rising in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday gave his blessing to the decision of county judge in San Antonio to impose fines on businesses if they didn’t ask their employees and customers wear masks when they are not able to maintain six feet of distance.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff also issued the same order on Wednesday and Abbott didn’t oppose that. On June 3 Greg Abbott issued an executive order that the imposition of fines and criminal penalties on those who are not wearing masks must be banned. On Tuesday nine mayors requested Abbott in a letter to grant them an authority to make the use of face mask compulsory to slow down the spread of the ongoing health crisis Covid-19 as social distancing and use of mask are considered to be the only weapons to stop the spread of the virus.

San Antonio leader issues mask mandate with Gov. Abbotts blessing
San Antonio leader issues mask mandate with Gov. Abbotts blessing

Abbott didn’t object Wolff’s order to mandate the use of a mask.  Abbott told Waco news station KWTX that he is OK with the order of counties to impose those restrictions on businesses all along. Abbott said that Wolff just “figured that out”. The orders of Wolff along with the blessing of Abbott led other counties to mandate the use of masks to stop the spread of coronavirus. Wolff order came as the number of coronavirus cases saw a record number and people with the virus were admitted to local hospitals.

Abbott said, “that’s what was authorized in my plan already”. He further added, “That’s what the Bexar county judge is doing and so what Bexar county is doing what every county is authorized to do and that is to impose requirements on business operations.”

Austin, Houston, and Dallas are also pondering whether to mandate the use of face mask as the number of coronavirus cases is rising. Apart from that Hidalgo county judge Richard Cortez issued an order that businesses must ask their employees and customers to wear masks and the order will be effective from midnight Friday.

Wolff’s order stated that the use of masks must be required by the businesses from their employees and the customers under the health and safety policies otherwise they will have to pay a fine of $1000. The order will be effective until June 30.

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