Schools, gyms, bars, and more set to reopen in California starting this Friday. 

The world is hit hard by the corona pandemic and no industry has been left spared. It has caused great overall distress on the economy as a whole. Most of the affluent nations of the world are suffering the pandemic too including the US, UK, Italy, Spain among the others.

The nations are locked down and most of the economic activities are ceased. However, lately, nations are moving towards reopening their countries and states as they can’t remain lockdown forever. 

There’s good news for all California residents. Day camps, campgrounds, schools, gyms, and professional sports have been allowed to reopen starting next Friday with some necessary modifications. Phase 3 reopening will be in place starting this Friday, in which many more things will reopen that weren’t allowed in phase 2. 

Schools, gyms, bars, and more set to reopen in California starting this Friday. 
Schools, gyms, bars, and more set to reopen in California starting this Friday.

Rob Giesecke is the owner of Chill Bar. She said that “I think we are adjusting operationally, it’s not difficult but it’s something new and we’re scrambling around a little bit,” 

“Because we are obviously a bar and food is not our forte so we’re hoping we can open with at least reduced capacity but serving cocktails like we normally would do,” 

“All the tables are six feet apart for social distancing, so groups that come together can sit at the table together,” “If they get up to use the restroom or order a drink we ask them to put the mask back on.” 

A customer, Ryan said that “I think it’s exciting and I think a lot of people now are taking different precautions that they weren’t before so I think that we have enough information and knowledge to continue to have businesses open and running,” 

Schools and day camps will be allowed to reopen throughout the state. But for other activities to reopen, counties have to qualify certain thresholds as to the number of new cases, their precautionary measures, and how much they are prepared to fight if the cases witness a spike.

Casinos, hotels, zoos, museums, and aquariums too will be part of the State’s guidance. It will include the resumption of film and television productions too. 

The state has been strategically moving through a 4 phase reopening plan designed by the governor and this is the third phase of reopening. Here, the stress is on the decisions of individual counties rather than a statewide blanket solution.

We hope that this progression in reopening yields positive results for the state. For more such latest news, stay tuned with us. 

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