Season 5 Of ‘Money Heist’ Has Concluded.

Money Heist 5 Part 2 Ending Revealed: Surprising twists, stolen gold, and surprising triumphs
Money Heist 5 Part 2 Ending Revealed: Surprising twists, stolen gold, and surprising triumphs


The heist has finally been done, with a nail-biting conclusion that leaves viewers wondering if the Money Heist group will ever find their happy ending.

Following Tokyo’s untimely demise in Season 5, Part One of the Netflix series, it was up to Part Two to bring the show home for the last farewell — and maybe keep everyone else alive.

Some secrets were ultimately disclosed in the last five episodes of La Casa de Papel as the team made a last-ditch effort to create themselves a new existence.

'Money Heist' Part 5: The Explanation of the Thrilling Series' Ending
‘Money Heist’ Part 5: The Explanation of the Thrilling Series’ Ending


‘A Family Tradition,’ episode 10 of season five, begins with the heist team’s prospects looking grim. The Professor, the operation’s head, has turned himself in to the police.

Tamayo interrogates The Professor inside a bank regarding the search for missing gold before capturing him.

He also recounts the slew of offenses leveled against his club. In exchange, whoever informs him where the gold is would be granted a completely new life.

But never say The Professor is a guy without a plan since he instead – with some outside assistance – publishes a video to the world revealing how he conned the Royal Bank of Spain.

The film has a devastating effect on Spain as a whole, with the stock market collapsing as investors begin to foresee the country’s demise.

With the country facing a financial catastrophe, the team scrambles, with Denver fearing his son’s safety and nearly turning himself into the authorities.

In turn, the Professor is tormented by Tamayo, whom he attempts to persuade to join him, while Sierra quest to retrieve the stolen riches.

But if that fails, The Professor has a fallback option for that backup plan, which involves the gold being given to the Spanish government, and the “crisis” is avoided.

However, it turns out that the gold is painted brass, and the whole thing was a gigantic ruse to show people that money and security are a mirage.

Faced with defeat, Tamayo offers to claim the gang was murdered in the aftermath, allowing Spain to return to a more stable financial footing.

Less than 24 hours later, the robbery team is given new passports and, in essence, new lives. They finally gather all the money they need to start again, and they take off in a helicopter, never to return.

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