Security Breach caused Twitter to block verified accounts’ Tweets.

On Wednesday afternoon, after a tweet on bitcoin scam by some known accounts, including Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and others, Twitter shut down the ability for many accounts to send new tweets due to the massive hack on the social media website.

Following the disability, Twitter, at 8:41 pm ET, announced that “most accounts should be able to tweet again.”

Unverified accounts were still able to tweet whilst shutdown. Twitter was unable to confirm how the block worked, it appeared to only apply to accounts that had been verified by Twitter.

Around 6:18 pm ET, Twitter tweeted confirming that some users may be unable to tweet. It also mentioned that password resets may be disabled while it works to correct the situation. 

Security Breach caused Twitter to block verified accounts' Tweets.
Security Breach caused Twitter to block verified accounts’ Tweets.

While the investigation is going on, the company has taken significant steps to limit access to internal systems and tools. The outcome could have been worse than a few scam tweets given the prominence of the victims.

In 2003, the most infamous Twitter hack of all time took place, when the Associated Press tweeted about explosions at the White House and sent the stock market plunging temporarily. The attackers this time around could have sown similar chaos. Also, the account of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was hacked last year.

Twitter uses a blue tick verification system to differ between verified and unverified accounts. It helps users to know that an “account of public interest is authentic.” These verified accounts mostly belong to politicians, brands, and other public figures.

This verification process has been in various controversies over the years and twitter has put the verification request on hold since 2017.

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