Setting Up Mobile Wifi for Buses in a Fleet Company

Managing passenger buses and coaches are not that easy. It is more tasking than managing other fleet vehicles such as trucks because you need to keep the passengers as comfortable as possible during their travel. One of the requirements is the mobile wifi for buses, which mainly serves the passengers. Just so you know, mobile wifi for buses is used for the following:

  • For passengers to connect their devices like smartphones and computers.
  • To connect entertainment devices to the internet such as TV and headrest tablets.
  • For drivers and their management devices such as GPS to stay connected with the operational employees such as fleet managers.

That said, it is then crucial to have efficient mobile wifi for buses and coaches. If you are starting a new fleet or expanding your old one, here are tips on how to go about installing it.

Choosing the Right Devices

According to experts, there are many mobile wifi for buses devices that claim to be the best. But only a portion of those can deliver what your fleet needs. So, when choosing the system, ensure that it has the latest features that will not go obsolete within a short time. Some of the things to check include the following:

  • Speed of the routers – Anything between -150 to 300 MBS and can be connected to up to 100 users without any strain.
  • Connectivity technology – Today, we have both the 4G and LTE as the most common connectivities. However, bear in mind that 5G is around the corner and it will be the trend soon. So, choose carefully with that in mind.
  • Reliability – All mobile wifi for buses should connect steadily without disappointing the passengers. So, choose modern devices that are stable and can operate at temperatures in all areas that your vehicles will be traveling between.

Choose your Solution Providers Well

Before you even buy the devices to install mobile wifi for buses, it is good to know who will install them for you. Reliable service providers supply high-quality devices, install them, and provide support thereafter. So, if you want to go this way, then you can check this source for the best solution.

You also need to choose a mobile internet service provider well. Pick the most reliable network in your region and discuss the best package. This way, your mobile wifi for buses will be very reliable.

The Right Installation

Wrong installation of the mobile wifi for buses can bring a lot of inconveniences to the passengers and affect operations if drivers cannot send their reports. So, make sure that everything is installed well. Usually, this is the process.

  • Connecting an internet receiver to power and loading it with an internet carrier GSM-card.
  • Connecting the routers with power and the internet receiver.
  • Loading the GSM-card with data, usually unlimited data is the best.
  • Setting the username and password for the router.


It is best to have the best mobile wifi for buses in your fleet if you want to achieve the best results. With the above tips, then you will be on the right track and ready to serve passengers beyond expectations.


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