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Ratana Sinha directed the 2017 Indian Hindi romantic drama film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (transl. Do attend the wedding). 

The film stars Rajkummar Rao (who will go on to become an IAS officer) and Kriti Kharbanda (who will go on to become a PCS officer), who are brought together by a marriage proposal and fall in love with each other. 

However, on the night of their wedding, fate and personal decisions separate them. On November 10, 2017, the film was released worldwide.


On the insistence of her parents, who are trying to arrange an arranged marriage for her, Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda) meets Satyendra Mishra (Rajkummar Rao), a clerk in the Excise Department. 

Aarti informs Satyendra that if they marry, she wants to be able to function, and Satyendra assures her that it will be advantageous for her to do so because of her schooling. Satyendra is enchanted by Aarti’s elegance, though Aarti finds Satyendra’s unconventional viewpoints appealing. 

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie Download In HD 1080P Quality For Free
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Satyendra and Aarti decide to move forward, and they fall in love.

On the night of the wedding, Aarti learns from her best friend Neelam that she has passed the PCS Exam, but her sister Abha tells her that if she marries, her in-laws will not allow her to follow her career goals. 

Aarti decides to flee her house on the provocation of Abha and her maternal uncle Jogi, without telling Satyendra or his relatives, who are shocked and heartbroken to learn of the incident. A battle breaks out at the end when Jogi forces Satyendra’s family to return the dowry money.

Even though they have invested a significant amount of money, Satyendra decides to repay, causing his family to face hardships, including his mother Shanti being forced to sell all of her jewelry to repay money to Aarti’s family.

Aarti, who is now a PCS Officer, is actively progressing in her career after five years. She also assists her best friend Neelam in obtaining employment in the same workplace. All changes, however, when Aarti is accused of taking a bribe and is put on leave before her case is resolved. 

During the investigation, Aarti learns that the officer in charge of her case is Satyendra, who has since advanced to the rank of IAS Officer. She is taken aback when she learns of his new mentality and lack of sympathy for her.

Abha advises her to visit Satyendra and apologize after he leads a raid on her home. Satyendra dismisses her apologies and claims that this trial is personal because he will never forget the embarrassment she caused and that he despises her.

Throughout the investigation, Satyendra discovers evidence that points to Aarti accepting a bribe. He aggravates Aarti’s situation by insulting her and questioning her intentions, to which she reacts by eventually breaking down and confronting him in private. 

They have a heated argument during which Aarti eventually admits defeat and says she can’t bear it any longer. Satyendra relaxes as well, and the two of them have a brief conversation. When Satyendra asks Aarti for sexual favors in exchange for her freedom, the conversation takes a turn. 

Aarti walks away, shocked by Satyendra’s actions. Satyendra, on the other hand, offers her another choice and asks for the bribe, which Aarti confirms she does not have. Aarti goes to the builder, Kukreja, to ask for the bribe money, but he tells her that he didn’t take anything and that everyone knows she takes bribes. 

The conversation between them was taped, and as Satyendra watches it, he orders Aarti to be arrested for attempting to sabotage the investigation. The experience has embarrassed Aarti and her family. 

When Satyendra pays her a visit in prison, Aarti tells him that she wishes they’d never met, to which Satyendra quietly lowers his head in shame.

During the courtroom, Satyendra plays the video of Aarti and Kukreja that was taken, which continues to play even after Aarti has left the compound.

 In the video, it is revealed that Neelam and Kukreja plotted to kill Aarti because of the drama that Satyendra and Aarti were causing them. Kukreja, Neelam, and the broker Rakesh were friends, according to Satyendra’s interpretation of the video, and they’ve been selling unused government land to businesses under Aarti’s name. 

They were able to do so because Neelam took advantage of Aarti’s confidence and had papers signed in her absence. 

Aarti is found not guilty at the end of the trial, and Kukreja, Neelam, and the broker Rakesh are arrested. Satyendra saved Aarti’s life by sending her to prison and also saved her from jail time by exposing the truth, which comes as a shock to Aarti.

Satyendra still loves Aarti, and she later tries her hardest to make amends by marrying him, but he refuses. Aarti eventually informs him that she will marry Sharad, a potential new groom. The wedding is also open to Satyendra and his family. 

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie Download In HD 1080P Quality For Free
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Satyendra discovers his love for Aarti on the wedding day and gate-crashes into her reception. Sharad is revealed to be her brother-in-law, and the wedding was merely a staged event orchestrated by both families to make Satyendra understand his true feelings. The film concludes with the marriage of Aarti and Satyendra.

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Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Movie Download In HD 1080P Quality For Free
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