Sherlock Season 5 Updates

We have seen and read stories of detective Sherlock Holmes since childhood till date, it is a hot favorite. The book was written by the author of repute, name, and fame Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of yesteryears. There have been many versions and adaptation of the book made for the large screens.

 In today’s world context “Sherlock”, the BBC serial is one of the best works of adaptation of the book attracting a huge viewership and fan following. 

The vibrant team of actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Andrew Scott along with the fusion of today’s world technology and not drifting away from the plot is a commendable job done by the production house.

Four seasons have already been out but news about the fifth season is still awaited. 

Why there is no news about season five is still an enigma, possibly the production has been put to halt or might be a date issue with film actors. Another reason which is the most logical one in today’s world dynamics is the pandemic Coronavirus impacting and delaying things till eternity with no further notice. 

So, the bottom line is we do not have a season 5 in the near future, will it be there anytime; well we all need to be hopeful about it and keep our fingers crossed.The good news is Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat have said that they are in the process of writing season five of Sherlock which means sooner or later we might have it for viewing as well. As per the sources, the drama written on investigative wonder based on the book is a complex story and would need dedicated attention and involvement of the actors and the team. We also expect to see 

Sherlock Holmes sister Eurus along with Dr. John Watson in season 5. Season 4 was out some three years back in 2017 and had a viewership of 10 million people alone in the United Kingdom.

We really do want to see the classic story of Sherlock Holmes, his chemistry with Dr. John Watson, and his great analytical skills to resolve cases on the big screen. Hoping for season 5 will be soon there to entertain and thrill us. The wait might be long as there is no formal communication around this from the production house.