Shocking surveillance footage shows ambush LA County deputy applying tourniquet to wounded male partner

A Los Angeles County deputy has been seen applying a tourniquet to her wounded partner in shocking new surveillance footage, despite her own gunshot wounds, which was a result of a still-at-large gunman who had ambushed them on Saturday night.

According to the footage obtained by KABC, the female deputy had taken a bullet through her jaw but was seen taking good care of her male colleague, tying the device on the upper right arm of him after the two of them were shot in Compton. When the tourniquet was being applied, both the deputies appeared to be standing and the man was later seen kneeling own with the woman crouching behind him.

An image was then released on late Sunday that showcased the bloodied female deputy who was standing beside her kneeling partner. However, it is unclear as of now whether that photo was a still frame from the surveillance footage that has been recovered or not.

The two cops were sitting inside their patrol car, a 31-year-old mother and a 24-year-old man. They were then shot at close range due to which both the deputies have undergone surgery and are now in stable condition at the hospital, according to the reports by KABC.

For information leading to the conviction of the unknown gunman, the sheriff’s department will be offering a $100,000 reward.

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