Should New York be opened now? No, it’s still risky and could bring disease and death

The world is hit hard by the corona pandemic and no industry has been left spared. It has caused great overall distress on the economy as a whole. Most of the affluent nations of the
world are suffering the pandemic too including the US, UK, Italy, Spain among the others. The nations are locked down and most of the economic activities have ceased. Although, as the
Pandemic is slowing down, most of the nations are eyeing reopening their country on a strategic basis.

New York is one of the worst affected cities in the USA and has witnessed a lot more cases per million than most of the cities in the country. It is one of many of the COVID-19 hotspots in the
country and has witnessed a lot of death. The city has been under lockdown since the mid of March and all of the nonessential ec onomic activities of the city have ceased. This has taken a huge toll on the economy. While many people have suffered huge pay cuts, many have become unemployed due to economic distress. The unemployment rate is soaring high and there are no visible solutions in sight.

Amid the lockdown, various protests are being organized by the common people against the lockdown. Due to the adverse effects of the lockdown on their daily lives, they are demanding to lift the lockdown restrictions and it’s the time for the city to get back to its regular track. The government too is facing pressure due to these protests and they might end up influencing the decision of the government.

However, is it really the time to lift the Lockdown from the city and get back to normal? The data suggests a clear and definite answer. No! It’s still not the proper time to open up the city. The
city is still witnessing over 400 cases per day and the health system is already overflowing and has gone beyond its capacity to serve the patients. If the city is opened up now, there is surely going to be a great rise in new cases, and the health system might not ensure the increased demand. The end result might be a catastrophe no one could have imagined.

Recently, almost 8,000 people in the city were surveyed and most of them said that their family’s security matters to them the most. Keeping that in mind, most of them agreed that it’s
not the right time to completely open up the city.
However, the state has recently allowed a few nonessential businesses to reopen and plan to lift the restrictions in phases keeping the current situation in mind. If the citizens support, the city might win its fight against the virus sooner than expected. Till then, stay tuned with us for more such latest updates.