Siblings told police that they haven’t seen siblings in years after parents were charged with abuse.

In recent years, child sex trafficking, child pornography, child abuse and other such cases have risen dramatically in America. More and more children were going missing, being kidnapped, abducted for these crime purposes. Along with this, there are also many cases reported where the children are abused at home by parents. One such case has been reported from California. 

One couple has been detained by the police. It has been accused that the couple used to abuse their 2 children. One is 15 years old and one is 17 years old. However, the case took an unexpected turn when the abused children revealed that they had a sibling whom they have not seen in years. 

Her name was kara and she was last seen 8-10 years ago. There has been no clue of her since that. Now the police are adamant to find her. They are investigating the case to find the possible clues. Kaya was deregistered from school because she was supposed to be homeschooled. However, there’s no clue of her since then. 

“We want to find Kaya,”“We want to hear from anybody who knows Kaya. Have they seen Kaya? When was the last time they saw Kaya? Kaya was in the household and then she was not. We don’t know where Kaya is, and we want to find her.”. Astley said to a newspaper. For more such latest news stay tuned with us. 

Vinayaka Dalmia
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