Sick suspect arrested for trying to rape woman in Manhattan subway station in front of a shocked crowd.


  • A deranged man tried to rape a 25-year-old woman, who was waiting for a train in Manhattan subway station
  • The crowd formed and watched the horrendous act in shock.
  • According to the Police, the woman had minor injuries but refused to get treated.

Detailed Report:

A heinous video was released on Sunday by police that shows a sick man pushing down a victim and trying to rape her. This incident took place on Saturday around 11 pm inside Lexington Ave. and E. 63rd St. station. The public was seen doing nothing but watching the act, while the freak kept thrusting his body back and forth to rape her.

The woman first saw the suspect on Saturday at 11 am while riding an F train. NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison revealed that he was smoking a kind of hookah. Later on, the deranged man began laughing and making weird noises. As soon as the 25-year-old victim got off to her stop, the psycho got off as well and kept following her.

Harrison also revealed that the suspect was masturbating facing the woman’s direction, so she walked away in a different direction. But he continued to stalk her. In a fraction of a second, the woman was thrown to the ground, and the sicko assaulted her and punched her again and again and tried to spread her legs.

Bystanders gathered and watched the situation. A good Samaritan came forward and began recording the video. That man saw the rapist’s actions in public and stopped him from harassing the woman. The video shows, as more people formed a crowd, the lunatic mouthed some inaudible words to the bystanders, picked his sunglasses from the floor, and ran away.

The victim was safe but had small injuries in her body. They also revealed that she refused medical attention. On Sunday, the police released the recorded video and asked the citizens to find out the suspect.

The suspect was finally arrested

Sick suspect arrested for trying to rape woman in Manhattan subway station in front of a shocked crowd.
Sick suspect arrested for trying to rape woman in Manhattan subway station in front of a shocked crowd.

The cops worked overnight to identify the suspect. Later on, the facial recognition matched with a mugshot of a criminal named Jose Reyes, who was arrested last year. Three locals saw the video clip and phoned Crime Stoppers. The police found Mr. Reyes on Sunday around 12.30 pm in East Harlem on 105th St. and Lexington Ave.

Moreover, Reyes was arrested the same day. After interrogation, he admitted that he harassed the victim and had drugs. He also revealed to the cops that he resides in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Even Harrison said that he could be under the influence of drugs while attaching the woman.

Some sources reveal that in 2013, he was imprisoned for 1-3 years for grand larceny in Manhattan. He was out of prison a year later under the observation of a parole officer. In the past, he was arrested fifteen times, and among these cases, he was arrested thrice in the subway system.

However, Harrison said that those cases were not sexual. Currently, Reyes is waiting for the high orders on trying to assault and rape. He will face harassment charges by Manhattan Criminal Court soon.


Cops did an excellent job, by catching Mr. Reyes within 24 hours. However, we feel bad for the woman who had to go through the horrendous situation in the transit system on the day.

Our community should take this matter seriously and come forward. Even the bystanders could have helped the woman instead of watching the act. It can help the victims from dealing with emotional trauma after the incident.

Let’s pray that this violent act never happens again. Revisit our website soon for the latest updates about crime news.

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