Introduction of the Film

Silence… the film in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam language or Nishabdham in Telugu is a 2020 Indian thriller film which is executed with hell lot of twists and plot. The film might appear to be fused with supernatural elements at the beginning but as the story proceeds, the film is peeled off layer by layer with past revelations and murder mysteries which in turn make the fans of thriller genre excited to the core. The biggest flex of the movie is the production which is top-notch and can be considered nothing less than something which Hollywood presents to the world. The neatness by which every scene is unfolded, is truly spectacular. Speaking of the creators of the movie… the film is systematically directed by Hemant Madhukar. It is co-produced by Kona Venkat and T. G. Vishwa Prasad. The screenplay is yet again done by Kona Venkat while the story is given by Hemant himself. The Tamil and Telugu versions of the film were made simultaneously and the dialogues in Tamil are written by Kona Venkat and in Telugu they are written by Mani Seiyon. The film’s music is composed by Gopi Sundar, whereas the lyrics for the Telugu version are written by Bhaskarabhatla, Sreejo, Krishna Kanth, and Ramajogayya Sastry.

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Plot of the Movie

The story of the film is set in 1972 in Seattle, Washington. The movie follows the night of Christmas in Wood-side-villa where a young couple is found to be dead in the basement of the villa after some mysterious happenings in the house. This incident and the death of the young couple is not investigated even after so many years. Eventually the news of this incident spreads like fire in the nearby area and everybody stays away from the villa because it is now considered to be a haunted place. This villa is taken under the government for reselling but nobody is willing to buy it until 2019 when a Colombian businessman purchases the house and repairs it.

The movie is narrated by a cop named Mahalaxmi and she explains the most mentally challenging case of her life and along with it she also states that whoever is involved in a crime, might not be a criminal, there must be many reasons as to why someone commits crime.

The story now follows yet another couple, Sakshi and Anthony who are on a vacation and they have come to the Wood-side-villa in search of a prestigious painting. But what we saw next is something which might make you wonder, what exactly is happening? Because we saw that some invisible identity is following Anthony to the basement and he is killed just like the young couple which died 40 years back. In the very next scene Sakshi is seen to be rushing out of the out, blood stained and trying to escape whatever the thing is after her. The most interesting thing about this character is that the protagonist of the movie – Sakshi is an artist with hearing and speech disabilities and she is the only witness of the gruesome murder which happened in the villa. The case of Anthony’s murder is handed over to cops Mahalaxmi (Maha) and Richard (Captain) and Sakshi is taken under investigation. Sakshi is seen to be going down the memory lane and many plots and twists are revealed which eventually solve the mystery of Anthony’s sudden death. All the questions: Who killed Anthony? What was his relation to Sakshi? and how did Maha solve the case and form the rest of the story? will be answered one by one in the movie.

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Cast and Characters in the Film

The film has a strong cast of multi-talented artists. With all the profound names of the film industry, the movie is an attempt at a sophisticated thriller. The film stars Madhavan, Anushka Shetty, Michael Madsen and Anjali. Here’s a brief review for the cast’s performance in the film and the characters they are assigned to…

R. Madhavan as Anthony Gonsalves is in a very dapper role of a half Goan-half Guntur cello player who is something of a celebrity musician. He shares a great bond with the deaf and mute Sakshi. Anthony and Sakshi are both artists with Sakshi being extremely talented with her painting skills and Anthony on the other hand does wonders with his music. They both taught each other their skills and gradually grew closer to each other.

Anushka Shetty as Sakshi is playing the main character of deaf and mute protagonist who can read lips and also, she uses the text-to-speech technology to communicate. As mentioned above, she has a great sense of painting and Anthony is impressed by her skills.

Michael Madsen as Richard Dawkins as police chief deserved more to his character. With a limp and a swagger, he does his best with what he’s given. He is also known as ‘Captain’ in the film and is somehow related to Anthony’s death.

Anjali as Mahalakshmi, a cop who cannot stand the sight of blood and has a bubbly personality when she meets people from her hometown, India. Her character is introduced through her narration while she’s on a run. Her character looks just in the right shape and her body language is apt for the role.

Shalini Pandey as Sonali is the possessive best friend of Sakshi. She has a very annoying yet likeable character. Overall, we can say that the job is quite tough but Shalini is able to pull off the character very efficiently.

Subbaraju as Vivek is Sakshi’s best friend and Sonali’s love interest. This character is not completely present on ground as the other but plays a very important role in developing the plot and the mystery which will be revealed in the climax.

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Some Plus and Minus Points of the Film

As said earlier, the movie has a top-notch production, something to be leveled with Hollywood movies but due to the fact that the film was released in Telugu didn’t quite really give off the vibe of an Indian-American film. If the movie had been produced in India, it would have become much more relatable to the audience. The whole plot of Silence is pretty decent adding on to the amazing main and supporting cast. But as the movie proceeds, several points will look to be very illogical because the pre-climax pretty much reveals everything. The way the director of the film brings the twist factor into the story is very neat but after a point, his narration is predictable and you can guess what is going to happen. The film is way too predictable in the last fifteen minutes or so. But, the whole movie of 125 minutes is engaging from the start, especially for the lovers of thriller films. 

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