Sivappu Manjal Pachai is a movie loaded with sentiments and melodrama. A very popular genre with the ideology of ‘family that lives together stays together’ is still loved by many old or even younger generations in the Tamil speaking majority. These types of family melodramas used to pull the family together in front of the large cinema screen which was beneficiary for both the audience as well as the Tamil film industry market. Mani Ratnam’s super hit flicker Agni Natchathiram (1988) is the base of Sivappu Manjal Pachai where in the former the audience got to see two-step brothers and in later the audience witnessed the relationship of brothers-in-law. Also, the movie is highlighting the purest bond of brother and sister with their relationship followed by emotional conflict.

Sivappu Manjal Pachai which translates to Red Yellow Green is an Indian Tamil-language film in the action-thriller film. The movie was released on 6th September 2019. It was also dubbed in Telugu under the name Orey Baammardhi. The movie has a total running time of 142 minutes. Moving forward to the plot of the movie…

Sivappu Manjal Pachai (2019)


The story of the film opens with the sweetness of brother-sister bond between Raji and Madhan making you feel the warmth of this bond and may remind you of the brother who cares for you just like a mother. Madhan is seen to be overly protective of his sister and just like a mother he plaits her hair, even buying her sanitary napkins and Raji is equally showering her affection on him. They grew up without the guidance and protection of parents so Raji is almost a mother to Madhan and Madhan being the father figure helps them both to forget the missing pieces of their lives. Their relationship is well portrayed in a scene where they both are school going students and Madhan signs Raji’s report card. He is asked, “Why did you sign Raji’s report card?” and he answers maturely by saying, “I am her father, and it’s alright if I do that.”

The movie continues with Madhan driving rashly as he is a street racer and a slum dweller living with his sister Raji. On the other hand, the second lead character of the movie who is a traffic police officer named Rajasekar turns out to be extremely stern. In the beginning itself they are caught in a quarrel when Rajasekar nabs Madhan and humiliates him for driving so rashly in front of everyone. The police officer Rajasekar goes on to the extreme of uploading a video on a social networking site. When fate ties Raji and Rajasekar, things become unacceptable for Madhan as he was not able to put past his humiliation and didn’t want Raji to marry the traffic police officer. But, Raji deeply loves him and she marries him despite her brother’s disapproval.

Later on, Madhan is arrested and beaten up because his bike is used in chain snatching. Rajasekar comes to rescue his brother-in-law and agrees to let him stay at his home and at home this is followed by the emotional melodrama between the two, brother and sister.

The second half of the movie shifts to the local drug dealer named Madhu whose truck which was carrying drugs is nabbed by Rajasekar. Rajasekar is seeking help from the central vigilance team and tries to arrest Madhu and seize his truck but somehow Madhu escapes them.

Meanwhile, Madhan catches the thieves who used his bike for chain snatching but the thief named Yeshwanth straight out refuses to surrender because of his political influence. He is challenged by the thief for a race and Madhan is promised that if the thief wins, he will surrender and get his bike restored. But will it be a fair race?

On the other hand, Madhu’s goons kidnap both Rajasekar and Madhan. Will they be able to escape successfully?

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Director Sasi’s films have always been centric on human relations. His previous blockbuster Pichaikkaran, the movie starring Vijay Antony was yet another mother-son relation film. Sasi is a successful director and screenwriter working primarily in Tamil film industry. He is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Saki is known to stick to his areas of strengths which is a family packed entertainer with all the heavy sentiments, dialogues and a full platter of melodrama. But, in my opinion it is high time that a talented director like Sasi should broaden the area of his work and should move ahead with Family centric movies.

Under the banner of Abhishek Films, the film is produced by Ramesh P. Pillai.

Speaking of the amazing cast…

Siddharth as Rajashekar who is playing the character of a very disciplined and stern traffic police officer is shining brightly. His body language as a police officer creates a completely different image of him. His emotional core is balanced out in the second half of the film. His relationship with Raji as her husband is overly warm.  

Siddharth apart from being an actor in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films is also involved as a producer, screenwriter and playback singer. With his charming ‘chocolate boy’ face he is seen in many advertisements as well. He debuted as a lead actor in a 2003 movie named Boys.

GV Prakash as Madhan is playing the character of a street racer and also Raji’s brother. On one side Madhan’s character is of a protective brother and a father figure to his sister Raji and on the other hand he is seen to be having a male ego because of the incident which happened between the two lead actors.

G. V. Prakash Kumar is an actor, composer, producer and also a singer. He has done amazing work as a Tamil and Telugu singer. He is the nephew of infamous music director A.R. Rahman.

Lijomol Jose as Rajalakshmi is seen in the character of ‘Raji’ who is Madhan’s sole family. She is his sister as well as a mother figure to him. She adores his brother and shares a beautiful relationship with him. Raji is Rajasekar’s wife and when Madhan disapproved of their marriage she didn’t step back and rather stood for her love which shows the boldness of her character.

Lijomol Jose is an Indian actress who has worked primarily in the Malayalam film industry. Maheshinte Prathikaaram marks her debut in the Malayalam film industry and she made her debut in the Tamil movies with this family drama, Sivappu Manjal Pachai.

Other characters in the film are:

Kashmira Pardeshi as Kavin who is Madhan’s wife.

Dhanam as Dhanalakshmi playing the character of Raji and Madhan’s aunt. 

Madhusudhan Rao as Madhu (drug dealer)

Dheepa Ramanujam as Vijayalakshmi who is Rajasekhar’s mother.

Prem as Rajasekar’s elder brother

Yeshwanth as Thief

Source: The Hindu


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