Snowdrop’: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date


Fans have been waiting for BLACKPINK’s Jisoo to make her acting debut since YG Entertainment announced her casting in the Korean television series Snowdrop in August 2020.

The show was supposed to launch in 2021, but when a controversy emerged in March over a leaked synopsis, viewers were scared it wouldn’t air at all. On Aug. 17, when the South Korean television network JTBC released the first promo for the series, that changed for good.

When will the film Snowdrop be released?

For a long time, fans only knew that the show would premiere in the second half of 2021. Finally, on Tuesday, Oct. 5, JTBC announced that Snowdrop will premiere in December, indicating that viewers will not have to wait long to see Jisoo in action.

Where can I watch Snowdrop online?

This winter, Snowdrop will be available on Disney+ in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It’s unclear whether the show will be added to the app in other countries, but fans can expect more information on the show in the coming weeks.

Is there anyone else in Snowdrop?
Is there anyone else in Snowdrop?

Is there anyone else in Snowdrop?

Snowdrop features an all-star cast. I’m Su-ho will be played by Jung Hae In, who has been in dramas such as Something in the Rain, Tune In For Love, and While You Were Sleeping. His role is a student who gets hurt and meets Jisoo’s character, who immediately falls in love with him. Kim Hye Yoon, who starred in

Sky Castle, is also in the cast and will play Kye Boon Ok, a telephone operator.

Meanwhile, Jang Seung Jo will play Lee Kang Moo, a security agent, in the film. Finally, Yoo In Na, who you may remember from Goblin and Touch Your Heart, will play a surgeon with a dark secret.

What is the story behind Snowdrop?

Snowdrop takes place in 1987, during South Korea’s Democracy Movement, which culminated at the end of authoritarian rule and the formation of the country’s current democratic administration.

I’m Su-ho (Jung Hae-in), a graduate student, is discovered covered in blood by Jisoo’s character at a women’s institution after participating in a pro-democracy protest. She hides him from the authorities and they begin to date, but it quickly becomes clear that Soo-ho is not who he pretends to be.

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