Some behind-the-scene facts about The Witches.

There are some horror movies that are made for childrens but it is surely going to make you wonder that why it is made for children because they are extremely scary. The Witches of 1990 that features Angelica Huston as the Grand High Witch falls into the same category of movies. The movie is extremely disgusting, but there are still some behind the scenes fact which is equally hard to believe.

In The Witches, Angelica Huston starring as Eva Ernst decides to turn every child in the world into a mice that makes it easy for them to wipe all at once. So let’s Jump into some fun facts you may probably don’t know.

  • Some scenes that involved mice also included giant puppets.
  • Angelica Huston underwent 6 hours of makeup work everytime before she played Grand High Witch. Here’s what she said: “The makeup on The Witches was tough. It was about six to seven hours of makeup and it took about five to take it off. It was a hard hard makeup, but mercifully I wasn’t in it for the whole movie, only for about two or three weeks. But they were arduous weeks and I had fake hands. The tips of my fingers acted as the knuckles and they took at least an hour to take off, so it was a bit problematic going to the bathroom.”
  • During the conference scene, Huston had a lot of trouble with her prosthetics and makeup. In her memoir she wrote: “I won’t forget how [Nicolas Roeg] helped me with a difficult monologue when I was so uncomfortable and tired of being encased in rubber under hot lights for hours that the lines had ceased to make sense to me and all I wanted to do was cry.”
  • Based on director Nicolas Roeg’s sons reaction, several scenes were cut out from the movie.
  • Jim Henson was worried about the real ending and tested it with the audience.
  • The production office was ruined by Rowan Atkinson when he didn’t turned off his bath and went to bed.
  • Henson, Jim and Roald Dahl appeared in their final movie, The Witches, before they died in 1990.
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