Some hilarious inside jokes from the Arrested Development.

In a time like this such as the pandemic, where the TV industry is put on a halt it is the best time to refresh our memory with some classic. At this time Arrested Development remains one of the best funniest show you could pay a revisit.

The show is extremely famous for its inside jokes and clever script. Here we present some of the best inside jokes from the series.

  • Bluster Bloth, who lost his hand to a seal was successfully turned into a comedy in every season by the Arrested Development.
  • The mystery that folded around Mr. F in the Arrested Development Season 3 is another level of fun.
  • Franklin Buth, who was the unofficial member of the Buth family, was a black puppet used by G.O.B. to bring a magical effect.
  • The Bluth family was very famous in Mexico and very known to the Mexicans.
  • The conversation of bees began in the Arrested Development when G.O.B. misunderstood Lindsay’s job with beads.
  • Bluth family produced many videos, one of which was cut to recreate a scene in Star War by George Michael.
  • Temporarily, Barry Zuckercorn was replaced by Bob Loblaw in the joke with lawyer.
  • The Arrested Development used the recycled banners many times in large gatherings.
  • J. Walter Weatherman, an employee of Bluth company once received a new lease for life after he lost his arm while he was doing his job.
  • When Anne and George Michael met, it seemed like the cousin love situation popped up.
  • In blue handprints, Tobias proved that he was worthy of the show.
  • “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake,” is considered as the most iconic line used in the Arrested Developmet.
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