Some Key Terms You Need to Know When Playing Live Blackjack

If you’ve been playing live blackjack for a while, you’re likely familiar with the term “dealer busts” – and how it can be good or bad for your bankroll depending on the cards, you get dealt from there onward in the round. But just because you know that much about the game, don’t assume you know everything there is to know when it comes to live dealer blackjack games. That’s where this blog post can help guide your knowledge of the live blackjack online game.

The following list of terms is not all-encompassing, but it will cover the most important topics for live blackjack online casinos.

1. Dealer busts – where and when can you get dealer busts?

How can you know whether or not to risk playing online blackjack without a live dealer? The answer is quite simple: you need to understand when and where you can expect to encounter dealer busts in live casino blackjack, especially when you’re new or trying a game near the bottom of its scale, like “poker,” which is what many casual players are most familiar with.

2. Basic strategy – where and when can you find it?

It’s entirely possible to play live blackjack online without any understanding of basic strategy. If you’re new to the game, this might not be the best idea – but if you’re an advanced player, the odds are that you do not play exactly like a beginner. This means that even if no dealer busts at Holdem blackjack online games, you may still be getting into situations where your play may not be optimal. If it is, ask yourself why. If you can’t find a reason, it may be worth your time to familiarize yourself with the concept of basic strategy.

3. House edge – where and when can you find it?

Just knowing the probability of particular outcomes in blackjack is not enough information to make you a successful player. You must also know how much each play may cost you in total. In other words, the “house edge” is an important factor in choosing which game to play at live blackjack Philippines online casinos. This is why you need to know the probability of particular hands and the probability of winning or losing based on those hands and the house edge applied to them.

4. Player advantage – where and when can you find it?

While the house edge is the most important aspect of online blackjack, it’s not the only one. Knowing how many hands you can play in each round and your odds of winning with that number of hands-on average is essential knowledge about online blackjack. The player benefit in a particular game is equivalent to this calculation made for different playing strategies using basic strategy, but this information can be readily found for any live dealer blackjack game online.

5. Optimal strategy – where and when can you find it?

If you play at a live dealer blackjack website, the game’s rules will likely be stated for you. But just because rules are outlined does not mean that they’re optimal. Knowing how to figure out an optimal strategy for any live dealer blackjack game online, whether it’s “poker” or “blackjack,” is handy information to have.

6. Bankroll – where and when can you find it?

While gambling is a risky endeavor, the odds of losing money are also high if you have a weak bankroll. That’s why it’s important to understand how your bankroll may affect your choice of games in the live blackjack online game. If you’ve played for long enough to be familiar with this concept, there’s no reason to feel overawed by it since it is relatively easy for beginners to grasp that idea.

7. Odds – how do they work?

While you can find a lot of information about live dealer blackjack online, the odds are that you’ll be most interested in the actual odds in any given game. The probability of winning or losing a particular amount of money for a particular number of hands with that game is the most important part to consider when choosing which rules and stakes to use.

8. Multiple decks – how does it affect the game?

Most players don’t realize that there are other decks used in live dealer blackjack besides the one they’re originally dealt with. In some games, like “poker,” multiple decks are used very quickly; in others, like “blackjack,” they can be drawn on much longer. This makes a major difference in terms of the player strategy and skills needed to master any particular live dealer blackjack online game.

9. Spreads – how does it affect the game?

As in most card games, spreads are used at live dealer blackjack to determine the order in which players choose their hands. Most casinos use a simple “standard” spread like this: 3-2-2-3, which means that players may choose one of these three starting hands to play first. This strategy is deemed optimal when dealing with four decks, as it ensures that any player can expect to get two cards, on average, in the hole.

10. Payouts – how are they affected?

When you first start playing blackjack online, you might not realize what a big difference it can make to the odds of winning or losing. Although many factors may affect this, the key thing is to know that payouts may differ based on numerous variables, including the number of decks used in the game, house rules applied, and overall bet size. Just knowing that the payout can change based on something as simple as a different deck in use is vital information about live dealer blackjack online games.

11. Pit and Rake – how does it affect the game?

Just like most blackjack variants, live dealer blackjack online games have pit and rake available for players. With this, players can bet on either the house or their hand before cards are dealt. There is a maximum number of hands per player in some games allowed to make a placed bet before the dealer deals the next card. This is usually done to ensure that players don’t make a lot of bets and then leave the table quickly.

12. Cards – how do they affect the game?

Cards in live dealer blackjack online games usually are dealt from one deck; however, some games allow for multiple decks to be in play. This gives blackjack players a lot more information about what cards will be coming out over time, which can undoubtedly affect the outcome of a particular hand.

13. Dimmer – how do they affect the game?

In some games, a “dimmer” is used to hide the odds of winning or losing. This is done by either never dealing a card at all, having four cards dealt in one hand, or one card dealt per hand. These can all prove quite confusing for players, but the best way to really understand what they do is to look up the specific rules that are in place.

14. Dealer’s up – how does it affect the game?

Most live dealer blackjack online games allow players to pay a certain amount before their cards are checked for their value and then accepted by the dealer. However, some casinos will not accept a final bet until after the dealer has dealt a card called Dealer’s Up. The dealer will then check the value of the card that he or she has and then check for any blackjack hands.

15. RNG – how does it affect the game?

Given that live dealer blackjack online games are designed to mimic almost every element of a traditional game, the Random Number Generator is also present. This is behind most of the random factors in live dealer blackjack, including shuffles and checks for winning hands.


Live online blackjack hands are one of the more popular games found on many online casinos, and they are often the most played game. However, that popularity usually means that there is a lot of confusion among players as to what exactly should be expected from such games.


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