Soul: New Trailer For The Disney Pixar Classic Is Now Out!

Pixar always knows how to become excited and play that special key that makes us feel special when watching their movies and stories. At this point, we would already have his new bet, ‘ Soul ‘, in theaters, but the Coronavirus crisis has taken place and has completely paralyzed all the projects of the big Hollywood studios, and Pixar would be no less.

This year we could enjoy, of course, the great ‘ Onward ‘, but it will not be the only Pixar film in this 2020, since ‘Soul’ will come to us later this year, specifically for Thanksgiving, and Pixar has decided to share a new preview of the film, in which we get to know a little more about Joe, the protagonist, who is voiced by Jamie Foxx.

In this little minute-long teaser, we look at aspects of Joe’s life, such as his relationship with his parents or his job as a music teacher in a high school, and with the song ‘ Parting Ways’ in the background, produced and performed by Cody Chestnutt, who will serve as the soundtrack for the film.

Have you ever wondered where your passion, dreams and interests come from? What makes you be you? That is the premise of the film, which will describe to us the story of how Joe travels to the world of souls to rediscover who he really is and to be able to return to his life in a completely different way. ‘Soul’ opens on November 20, 2020.

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