South Jersey doctor, Michael Goldis admits his role in health care fraud

A South Jersey doctor, Dr. Michael Goldis who is a 64-year-old Mount Laurel resident, hereby admitted his role in health care fraud.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey said that Goldis pleaded guilty to making false statements that were importantly related to health care matters on Thursday.

Moreover, the federal prosecutor’s office had a bigger statement to make about Goldie. Apparently, Goldis was paid to write four prescriptions for compounded medications as he had a medical practice in Stratford.

The amount he was paid summed up to $4,700 to make up those prescriptions that were medically unnecessary.

South Jersey doctor, Michael Goldis admits his role in health care fraud
South Jersey doctor, Michael Goldis admits his role in health care fraud

However, it did lead to benefits, allowing an accomplice to bill a pharmacy benefits administrator, which was for about $1 million.

Later the benefits administrator went on to bill the state of New Jersey for prescriptions that were ostensibly issued to public employees as well as private insurers.

Further, the statement revealed a shocking fact that Goldis has never examined or even met any of the four patients though his every prescription certified that he had examined a patient’s records, carried out a face-to-face exam, and finally determined that the costly medication was necessary.

Richard Zappala who is a pharmaceutical salesman from Northfield paid Goldis to fill out the four prescriptions, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Additionally, Zappala also pleaded guilty previously in a conspiracy relating to committing a health care fraud.

Moreover, Goldis wasn’t all alone in this as he was indicted along with alleged accomplices, namely Steven Monaco of Sewell, Dr. Daniel Oswari of Bordentown, and Aaron Jones, 25, of Willingboro.

Owari previously pleaded guilty to fraud and kickback charges in December 2019 whereas charges against Goldis’ other accomplices are pending. 

Charges that are pending against Steven Monaco and Aaron Jones will be soon known while Goldis is confirmed to be sentenced Nov. 6.

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