Special session to overturn election results rejected once again by GA governor

There won’t be any call from Georgia’s governor regarding a special session in order to overturn Georgia’s election results. Republican Brian Kemp said that it would violate state law for the General Assembly while issuing a joint statement on Sunday with Republican Lt’ Gov. Geoff Duncan. This was regarding naming the electors against the current state law that asks for the governor to certify electors once the results have been certified. 

Trump had held a rally on Saturday in Valdosta and is known to have spoken to Kemp by phone hours before taking the big step in the field. The president asked Kemp to go ahead with ordering the legislative session which was then rejected by the governor as he refused the order. According to the governor, he was also asked to order an audit of absentee ballots by Trump in his state from the presidential race. However, Kemp has clearly said that this cannot be the matter as he has no authority whatsoever to intervene during the electoral process on Trump’s behalf.

Trump then raised allegations in his Sunday tweets, blaming Duncan and Kemp for inaction and calling Georgia’s election fraudulent.

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