Spotify Suddenly Stops On Your iPhone? This Is The Issue

There are applications that job like clockwork and hardly give their users headaches, but one fine day, without explanation or reason, whoops, the unexpected happens.

And it’s that during this case, the Spotify app has had problems working correctly for thousands of its subscribers who have seen it suddenly, and without a word or error message, close.

Obviously, the primary thing those affected have done is attend the Swedish social networks to determine what was happening, but from the support they need been unable to quite confirm what happened and sit down with subsequent news .

These, as you’ll see from the tweets below, have arrived, but to go away the tagline that “are you continue to have problems? Tweet @SpotifyCares”.

They are still investigating the causes

Spotify Suddenly Stops On Your iPhone? This Is The Issue
Spotify Suddenly Stops On Your iPhone? This Is The Issue

First of all, if you’re among those thousands of iOS users who have seen their Spotify application close, you’re not the sole one and it seems that everything needs to do with controversy within the Facebook SDK, which they resort to several companies to attach to their business services offered by the social network and which serve to get advertising information, additionally to allowing login with their accounts.

The problem is that this error, as reported by a number of those affected, is additionally hitting users who don’t log into Spotify with a Facebook account, so it’s difficult to locate where the matter comes from .

Of course, don’t think that only the music platform has been stricken by these bugs, also TikTok, GroupMe, or Pinterest have suffered similar closings.

Although at now it seems that the errors are disappearing and you may not have problems accessing Spotify, it’s very possible that some users still still have some accidental closings .

If this can be your case, don’t hesitate to write down a message within the platform’s support account to induce the most recent news on what the causes are and the way you’ll solve it.

These kinds of errors can occur inadvertently or by an update that has not been implemented because it should, so we don’t need to be alarmed. it’s always annoying that we cannot enjoy a service that we are paying for ,

Which just at that moment we wish to enjoy it but there’s no other option but to attend. If there is news about whether the Facebook SDK is that the culprit, or not, here you’ll read them …

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