Stephen Kings says he feels ‘terrible’ after revisiting the movie theatres

We all know Stephen King as the master horror author but he has also proven to be a big fan of movies. Times like these have certainly made him desperate to visit the movie theatres and he just recently got a chance to get back into that mood. Unfortunately, his felt terrible about whatever he witnessed at the theaters.

His first trip to the cinema since February was quite rough as he visited the theater on a Saturday night with only four people in the theater. In a normal year, it would have been quite likely that the theatre would be much busier than it was on that day. Thus, the ‘terrible’ word does fit right. 

Movie theatres have only recently reopened since the shutdown from March. It was hoped that showcasing blockbusters like Tenet would draw crowds back to theaters and thus enable them to stay open. But this now seems less likely as the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 and No Time To Die is being delayed further.

In addition to that, Regal Cinemas is also closing down again. Movie theatres have certainly seen huge losses and have been hit hard by the global pandemic. Moreover, it wasn’t Stephen King alone revisiting the theatres. In fact, Tom Cruise also masked up and visited a movie theatre that was showcasing Tenet. Christopher Nolan was also a part of this, seeing mid-budget films like The Broken Hearts Gallery at Regal Cinemas in Irvine, California.

Aishwarya parab
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