Stranger Things Has A Huge Connection To A Horror Classic

With three seasons behind him, ‘ Stranger Things ‘ has made the love of the creators of the series for the eighties references quite clear. Because as fans well know in this Netflix series, there is no lack of incessant winks towards classic movie titles of the time on which the adventures of Mike, Dustin, and company are based.

For example, in the previous season ‘Terminator’, ‘Alien’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘War Games’ or ‘The Thing’ were sneaked in but there was also another easter egg that perhaps we did not see at the time. And it gives a little bad vibe, the truth.

The reference we want to talk about takes place in episode 4 of the third season, ‘ The sauna test ‘, where we saw poor Mrs. Driscoll (Peggy Miley), the older woman who calls the newspaper alerting about rats “strange” that he has found in his house, dominated by the Whippers.

Stranger Things Has A Huge Connection To A Horror Classic
Stranger Things Has A Huge Connection To A Horror Classic

The parasite that has gotten into her mind causes her while riding the ambulance on the way to the hospital, to start hysterically asking to be let back just as she passes the building where the magic beast is hidden.

This “invisible call” he receives is, as Looper notes, a reference to the 1978 horror thriller ‘The invasion of the body robbers ‘.

If you have not seen this horror title, the Cold War is the background scene of an alien invasion that, through mysterious seeds, replicate humans and use the copies to conquer the world.

Throughout the film, whenever one of these copies sees a human who has not yet been subdued, he screams and dramatically points in his direction. If you look at the photo you have below, you will see the similarity of the moment:

Actually, this moment is not the only nod to the film in question, as the general narrative of the season, with Whippers taking control of the citizens of Hawkins, is basically a tribute to the full story. What’s more, it turns out that the name Driscoll also appears in the 1978 movie:

Brooke Adams played a character named Elizabeth Driscoll. Coincidence? Let’s go with another one. Also one of the names of the stores in the Starcourt shopping center is a nod to ‘The invasion of the body robbers’ because Kaufman Shoes is very reminiscent of the name of the director of the 1978 film, Philip Kaufm. Or not?

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