Struggle in fatal new Jersey shooting of black driver captured by Dashcam video.

A very insensitive incident was reported from the US a few days ago. In this incident, a white Minneapolis police officer named Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of a black 46-year old for more than 8 minutes. After this, the man was pronounced dead later that night. It was all recorded and reported in a cell phone video. The man was even heard saying that he couldn’t breathe. But the police officer showed no concern. The act has sparked protests throughout America.

Ever since that incident, the issue of white supremacy and racial injustice has been the talk of the town. These two issues have always existed in the roots of American society, but now this incident has provoked all the long-held feelings to come out. There have been various reports coming out all over America suggesting how deeply engrossed this racial justice is in society.

Struggle in fatal new Jersey shooting of black driver captured by Dashcam video.
Struggle in fatal new Jersey shooting of black driver captured by Dashcam video.

One may not notice it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. A new report has emerged from New Jersey. A man named Maurice S. Gordon was shot by a new jersey state trooper named Sgt. Randall Wetzel and everything got captured in the dashcam video. The video captured the struggle of the black man and the brutality of the new
jersey state trooper. The dashcam videos were released by the new jersey attorney general.

The video captured a series of incidents that led to the shooting of a 28-year-old unarmed black man. The last 30 hours of Gordon’s life are captured by those audios and videos that took place between 22 and 23 May. The man tried to escape from the rear of a patrol car and tried to get in the driver seat of the car. The Trooper tried to atom him. They engaged in hand to hand struggle before Gordon was shot 6 times by the Trooper and he fell on the ground. He was badly injured.

Gordon’s family is demanding the answers for his fatal shooting. Grewal said that “Our team of independent investigators has been working hard to complete the initial investigation into the shooting death of Maurice Gordon as quickly as possible. That initial
investigation is now complete,”. These are very unfortunate incidents and we hope that they don’t happen again. For more. such latest news, stay tuned with us.

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