Substitute Teacher Arrested for A Sex Crime with An Underage Person in Wausau Area



  • The former substitute teacher David Faulkner has sexually assaulted minors.
  • Faulkner is charged for underage sexual activity, drug-related crimes, and much more.
  • Officials are interrogating both the D.C. Everest Area school district as well as Wausau School District to get an insight into the story.

Inside Story

Recently, a former substitute teacher in the Wausau area has been sent behind the bars for a sexual crime. 

According to the sources, he has sexually assaulted an underage person. No other details had been revealed by the victim yet. Moreover, if the suspicion of a sex crime is true, then, there will be numerous charges passed against him in the court.

The incident occurred in Wausau. Later on, the cops notified the D.C. Everest Area school district officials that the former substitute teacher David Faulkner was arrested for committing a sex crime. On Monday, Marathon County disclosed that the 50 years old was booked on preliminary charges.

Those charges include two drug-related crimes, underage sexual activity, as well as child enticement-sexual contact. Also, he will be soon arriving in court. The officials have scheduled for his appearance in the afternoon on Monday. Apart from that, the officials disclosed that no students from the school district were involved in a sex crime. Moreover, they also added that they have no proof that Faulkner used his positions to meet victims. 

Faulkner’s history

Back in August 2016, he worked as a substitute teacher in the Wausau School District. Moreover, if we go back to 2012, he served under the same position at the D.C. Everest. The officials unveiled that both districts had done reference checks as well as the criminal background check, before hiring Faulkner.

After the incident was disclosed by the officials, both districts removed him from the substitute teaching roster.

 Also, the officials sent his license for revocation review to the sexual crime that was reported to the Department of Public Instruction. Furthermore, they also said that both the D.C. Everest Area school district as well as Wausau School District has provided all the necessary information.

They have been cooperating with the Wausau police for an investigation as well. Moreover, the officials are telling the people to forward and help them in this case. If anybody has any kind of details that can assist them in the investigation, then make sure to contact Detective Jennifer Holz at her email address or you can call her at 715-261-7883.


All the citizens are requested to come together and help the officials to stop such acts and send the culprits behind the bars. Sexual crime cases are increasing day by day and we as the citizens should put an end to it.

 Meanwhile, we are doing our job by keeping you posted more news on the crime scenes. So, Stay with us and stay safe.

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