Superman & Lois: Here Are Quick Things You Should Know About The CW TV Show

The American Superhero television series, Superman & Lois is developed for The CW by Todd Helbing and Grey Berlanti is right around its edge for its release on screens.

Superman & Lois’ first season is speculated to consist of 13 episodes in total. The movie will be based on DC comics and will include characters like Superman and Lois Lane as the lead and Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch star as the titular characters but ahead of the franchise release, we have a few worth to be known things for you.

• The Superman & Lois Will Release On February 2021

Though, the franchise has been flashing on screens for a long time recently as its premiere date is getting nearer. For the people who don’t know, the movie was initially slated to premiere in January 2020 but now with the production shutdowns in March due to the ongoing pandemic has been delaying the production of the series.

When the network revealed that their Arrowverse shows will return in winter, on that time Superman & Lois was scheduled to debut in January however, now as the production has started, CW has finalized to date for 23rd February for 2021.

• Superman & Lois Will Have Two Sons

Before ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’, Lois and Clark had only one infant son namely, Jon. As the multiverse was reborn and several earths merged together which led to forming ‘EARTH PRIME’, however, the couple have found themselves being the parents of two teens sons namely, Jonathan and Jordan who is speculated to have ‘different personalities as well’

Reports also say that the series’ DC FanDome Panel, Todd Helbing said that Superman & Lois have opted for teen sons instead of the baby. He said:

“We took ‘Crisis’ as an opportunity to age up and really change things for them as parents… where things get really complicated for parents. ‘Crisis’ gave us a real opportunity to start with a blank slate, and tell the story in a way we couldn’t have otherwise”

• Superman Will Appear With A Brand New Suit

Tyler Hoechlin will be going with the same old classy superman suit for quite some time now. He gained popularity for the role with his famous red and blue costume but now it’s been said that Superman will be upgrading to a whole new super suit.

Regarding the old suit, Todd Helbing said that the old superman suit wasn’t sustainable enough for the long term, as it was created to worn only for the crossovers. Adding to that, he assured that Superman’s new suit will definitely have a ‘Badass’ look.

• Superman & Will Set In Smallville

Supergirl showed that Clark Kent lived and worked in Metropolis and during Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover, Clark and Lois were found packing up their bags to move to Argo city, which is the last remnant of his home planet Krypton. But, Agro city was destroyed during ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ which left us with the question about their place of living, and with the release of the first teaser for Superman & Lois, there are hints saying that now the couple has shifted back to Clark’s hometown of Smallville. Todd Helbing also supported to statement saying that ‘The Couple has Returned Back To Smallville’

• Lana Lang Will Have A Major Role In The Show

Emmanuelle Chriqui was the one who took the role of Lana Lang who is also Clark’s high school friend and former crush. As everyone left the town, Lana decided to stay and now is a loan officer with the local bank and she is married to a firefighter namely, Kyle Caushing, and the couple has one daughter together.

• There Will Be Some shot of Love Triangle

As Kent and his family move back to Smallville, an unexpected love triangle starts emerging. As it turns out that Lois and Clark’s sons develop a crush on Sarah Cushing who is the daughter of Lana and Kyle.

And for the love, it’s quite natural that there will be few conflicts between Jonathan and Jordan. 

The love triangle set up in Superman & Lois will be way more different to Arrowverse as it involves two brothers.

Here is all which you should know about the show! Are you excited to watch Superman & Lois on screens? Make sure to share your opinions in the comment section given down below.

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