Suspect For ‘Double Murder’ Kills Himself As Police Approaches

Police report: A man who was suspected to have a connection with a double count of homicide died for an apparent suicide as police were approaching him.

Reports say that the man, who was later identified as the 39-year-old namely, Anthony Shane Simmons dead at the home of his relative located in Lamar County.

Anthony has been on the wanted list for having a connection with the apparent murders of 41-year-old James Kevin Lowe and 37-year-old Amanda West Rutherford who were found dead with gunshot wounds in Purvis.

Police said that they received a 911 call from the residence on Sunday morning and while approaching the scene, they found Anthony sitting against a tree with a gun in his hand and after the suspect saw the officials he reportedly ‘shot himself’

There are no such updates revealed from the investigation team regarding the reason for the double homicide but they said they believe Anthony knew the victims very well. On Sunday, Harrison Sheriff Office shared an alert that investigators were seeking Anthony as a homicide suspect thus, they released warnings that he was considered armed and dangerous.

For now, the investigation regarding the case is going on, so we will have to wait for more to see things get a clear picture. Continue to stick to our site to get more such latest updates about the case in the future.

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