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About the movie Taqdeer

The 1952 Indian Hindi comedy film Taqdeer was managed under the Mehboob Productions banner by Mehboob Khan. A young Nargis, Motilal, Chandra Mohan, Charlie, Jilloobai and Kayam Ali were part of the star cast. The screenplay and dialogue by Agha Jani Kashmiri, written by Ghulam Mohammed. Rafiq Ghaznavi was composed of his music and Meharul Qadri’s lyrics. The plot is a romantic comedy based on the lost and found formulation in an enjoyable setting. It was Indian’s ninth-highest film from 1943. 

Taqdeer Movie Plot Details

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Badriprasad (Charlie), a widower, is interested in theatre and performs fairly (the Kumbh Mela). Ghanshyam, his manager, told Pappu, the young son of Badriprasad, is lost. You’re looking for him, but you can’t find him. Instead, the boss finds Shyama, a little girl who looks confused. He and his wife plan to raise her as a daughter without childhood. Judge Jumna Prasad, who was also at the fair, could not find Shyama, his daughter and tries with the police’s aid to look for her. When the judge learns about her lost daughter, the wife loses her mental equilibrium. The doctor says that if Shyama is not found soon, she too will lose her life.

The judge’s servant finds Pappu and tells him to dress the boy in the clothes of Shyama and to say that the child is Shyama to save the life of the wife. The magistrate’s wife always believes Pappu is Shyama, even when he gets up dressed like a child. She demands that he be renamed “beti” (daughter).

After losing his son, Badriprasad loses all interest in his theatre. His manager, Ghanshyam, revived the theatre. Badriprasad sees the little Shyama, and he asks her boss. At this moment, the wife of Ghanshyam has died, and he lets the little girl take Badriprasad. Shyama (Nargis) is the first cast of their theatre productions and grows up in the theatre milieu as the daughter of Badriprasad.

The theatre is now visited with its parents by Pappu, known as Babu (Motilal). Shyama is in love with him, and soon the two fall in love. In the view of theatre persons below his social class, the judge refuses to approve marriage Babu discovers he isn’t the true son of the judge and leaves home. After Babu’s shock left home, the wife of the judge recovers her memory. Disagreements are settled once Shyama and Babu’s missing identities have been found.

Other Taqdeer Movie Details

That was the first film as a heroine by Nargis Dutt. When she decided to act in this film, she was about 14 years old for Motilal’s 33 years. In her mother’s (Jaddan Bai) films, she had previously acted in Baby Rani’s name as a child artist. [3] Fatima was the actual name of Nargis, but Mehboob Khan felt it did not suit her, and thus it became Nargis for the film. She received positive feedback from Filmindia, who called it “a gorgeous debut screen.”

The critics, as well as the people, praised Taqdeer. It was the 9th biggest movie of 1943. It was a success.

The film credits one lyricist, Meharul Qadri, but Anjum Pilibhiti and Agha Mahshar Shirazi were the other two, composed by Rafiq Ghaznavi. Shamshad Begum sang the songs for Nargis while Motilal sang his own. Some pieces are nostalgic and denote the pre-independent period in which the film was made. The first was “Badle Jo Zamaane Ki Taqdeer Hamari Hai” and the second was “Meri Mata Meri Mata, Bharat Mata” was one of the most popular of them in the world.

Taqdeer Movie Cast Details

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· Motilal plays Babu

· Chandramohan is Judge Jumnaprasad

· Charlie plays the role of Seth

· Nargis plays Shyama’s character

· Jilloobai is Judge’s wife

· Kayamali

· Ansari is the Stage actor

· Laddan

· Maheshar Shirazi

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