Taylor Teen Mysteriously Missing From 10 Days After Mom Finds Her Phone Left On Bed, Bedroom Window Screen Cut Out

Taylor, Mich: It’s been 10 days since the Taylor police investigators are been conducting heavy search and rescue operations for a 15-year-old girl who disappeared in the night while her family was asleep.

The girl, Gloria Alvarado was last seen on the 1st of November at her family home located in Taylor Michigan off to Filmore Street. Reports say that the next morning after her disappearance, when the teen mom went to her room to wake her up for school, Gloria was gone and her window screen was cut open and her cellphone was left on her bed.

 “Her phone was on her pillow and she was gone,” mother Tina Alvarado said. “I started screaming. I told my 21-year-old son that Gloria’s gone and we searched the house, then called 911. We have been looking for her ever since.”

Tina said to the police and media that her daughter isn’t the type to leave home, especially without informing anyone. She is a straight-A scorer student and homebody who loves to be around her family. The night before her disappearance, Gloria was in a good mood as she went shopping with her mother and sister.

Investigators have only found one lead about the case, which is a security footage clip of a man pulling up in a car to the front of Alvarado’s home around 1.p.m on November 2. The footage was able to a silhouette of the man but it’s still unclear whether this footage has any relation with Gloria’s disappearance.

Reports from Fox 2 Detroit say that Gloria has hardly ever left her home this year due to the pandemic. Investigators and the authorities haven’t really confirmed whether Gloria was taken or left on her own but as she doesn’t have a history of running away but her toothbrush is, however, is missing which makes the case a bit more complicated for the investigators.

Search operating for Gloria is still going on! Police have described Gloria as 5-feet-2-inches tall and weighing around 168 pounds. Information about her clothing is unclear when she left, but she might be wearing a pair of white and pink Air Jordan shoes.

Anyone with any information or leads related to Gloria’s whereabouts may make a call to Detective Andrew Snavely at 734-287-6611, ext. 2007. 

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