Teen Dramas that did not overstay their welcome

It can be hard for the show producers to end the show when the time is just right or, for that matter, knowing in the first place when to say goodbye to the show. MANY shows have overstayed their welcome and culminated into an unwanted content which either lost its touch or the fans simply abandoned it because of the new sizzle in town.

Either way, knowing when to leave while you have your worth is astonishingly underwhelmed. 

On the opposite side, several shows knew when to bid their farewell and we cherish them dearly. We can think of THOUSANDS of such shows as well but for the respect of length and “knowing when to take leave” of this article, here are the top five teenage drama series that was smart enough to wrap up on time.

Dawson’s Creek

This American teen drama TV show is about an ordinary journey a group of high-schoolers embarks on. The growth of humor and this group of high schoolers goes on till college onscreen and forever in our hearts.

The show has a total of six seasons, four being devoted to the high school melodrama, and the rest two portraying transition into college life.

Teen Dramas that did not overstay their welcome
Teen Dramas that did not overstay their welcome

The Teen choice awards winner show ended in 2003 with an infuriating yet natural and pleasing ending that we don’t wish to spoil for you. Seriously, If you haven’t had the chance of binge-watching this drama, clear up your routine and get going!


This is a college drama TV series featuring college life experiences of Felicity at the University of New York.

With its four seasons, the show stuck to the year division of an American college, each season representing each year as freshman year, sophomore year, junior year, and senior years.

The teen audience of this Time Magazine featured show has learned a lot that they might not learn in the real world. The transition from reckless kids to young adults sure isn’t a very smooth one, Felicity helped us with that. A marvelous recommendation for teenagers and coming of age binge-watchers out there.


Even though Everwood is listed as a drama in the genre category, the vast popularity among the teenagers of the world is sufficient to make it a teen drama.

Also known as “Our New Life” in the United Kingdom, this American drama TV show revolves around Dr. Andy Brown who moves to a small town with his family after the death of his wife.

The show comprises four seasons, each better than the other of course. The sob-worthy cancellation of the show was like a dagger into our couch potato selves but we managed to get over it. Despite all the hardships, the well-crafted ending captivated us.

The finale might leave you wanting for more, so be very careful with this Emmy Awards nominee.

The O.C.

This American drama show definitely struck a chord for the teenagers of the generation.

The storyline centers on Ryan Atwood, a troubled but gifted teenager who is adopted into a wealthy family. Ryan and his foster brother set on to a journey full of trying-to-fit-in and teenage-crushes.

It was rated as one of the most popular new dramas of the 2003–2004 television season. The show has four seasons which received high ratings and positive reviews from critics. We are glad that the show managed to save its worth before the ratings went down. The quick-witted and socially awkward friends, this one is for you guys.

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