Teen girl murders a pizza delivery man working 2 jobs to support his family.

Gun crimes Incident has been raging high in America. There are some cases reported each day from almost each State. This time, it is Indiana. A pizza delivery man has been murdered by a 17 year old girl when he was being robbed by the teen along with her boyfriend. 

Joshua was a 37 hardworking man. He was father to a newborn infant. He was also step father to her wife’s son. He used to do 2 jobs to support his family. He recently joined dominions to earn some extra cash. An order was placed to deliver pizza to a home where no one lived. 

There the girl and her boyfriend tried to rob him. In the struggle, the boyfriend was shot and killed by Joshua. He was injured. Then the girl walked in and shot Joshua point blank. When police arrived, both the men were dead. The girl has been arrested in the charges of murder. 

An affidavit has been filed for the case. It states the probable cause of the crime. The affidavit reads as “Jaelynn Niree Billups did aid, induce or cause Joshua Ungersma to kill … Alberto Edwardo Vanmetere, while Billups and Vanmetere were committing or attempting to commit robbery,”. For more such latest news stay tuned with us. 

Vinayaka Dalmia
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