Teens arrested for jumping Mar-a-Lago wall with AK-47

Three teenagers were arrested for climbing a wall at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort with a loaded AK-47.

The three teenagers were caught soon after entering into the property, police said. They did not break into or enter any buildings by then.

“They had no idea where they were,” Michael Ogrodnick, Palm Beach Police Department spokesman, said in a statement.

The President and his family were not at the resort.

The police reports read that they identified the teens in a silver Hyundai in the middle of the night on July 31.

When officers approached the vehicle, the driver took off toward Mar-a-Lago.

As the car neared the resort, the three teens found another officer conducting a traffic stop and stopped the vehicle. To avoid the police officers, the teenagers left the vehicle and mounted over a wall into Mar-a-Lago.

Teens arrested for jumping Mar-a-Lago wall with AK-47
Teens arrested for jumping Mar-a-Lago wall with AK-47

Mar-a-Lago security reported a backpack and car keys found on the seawall on the southwest corner of the property shortly after. A scan of the Mar-a-Lago club resulted in the arrest of three teens hiding on the property.

The backpack contained a Mini Draco 7.62 Caliber AK-47 loaded with a 14-round magazine. The teenagers claimed they had “found” the weapons and car keys.

The identity of the teenagers has not been revealed on account of them being minors. They are currently being retained at West Palm Beach’s Juvenile Assessment Center.

The charges include trespassing with a firearm, burglary with a firearm, and resisting arrest without violence. One of the teens who was driving the vehicle has been charged with driving without a license and fleeing and eluding.

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