Texas favourite Burger joint get fresh new look

Texas favourite Burger joint get fresh new look
Texas favourite Burger joint get fresh new look

If you have ever been to Texas then it is definite that you would have visited the Texas infamous burger joint named Whataburger. It is the most favorite spot for everyone who is a burger lover, once you come here you go back all satisfied. 

The restaurant has recently released that they are going to remodel their looks and feature some important changes to lower environmental impact and to increase capacity and to make their consumer’s dining experience much better and enhanced. These upgrades will include:

  • More efficient kitchen equipment
  • LED lighting
  • Focus on using renewable resources.
Texas favourite Burger joint get fresh new look
Texas favorite Burger joint get a fresh new look

Though, they have promised their loving customers that the basic look of their favorite restaurants will be maintained. The iconic imagery will be present there as it is with few or no changes. 

James Turcotte Whataburger’s senior vice president of real estate said that “Whataburger’s new restaurant designs and remodels will stay true to our unique look, just in an updated and fresh way.”

The restaurant is going to make its last century look upgraded to the present one, through some renovation.

The garish orange and white stripes and the outdated look of the A-frame building were un-cool in the most comforting way. But the good part was that it still managed to attract such a huge crowd towards it, just imagine what would happen when the restaurant gets the new look. 

Turcotte added, “There are a lot of things our customers hold sacred about Whataburger, including the iconic A-frame, orange and white stripes, and the strong link to our history.” 


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