Texas: Mother Slammed Toddler Son’s Head Into Wall

A Texas toddler’s body was found in a Dumpster. The child’s had several serious injuries on his body.

Laura Sanchez who is 35 years old was charged with first-degree injury to the child to the death of her son on the 28th of May. The child was identified as Frankie Gonzalez who was only 2 years old.

According to the Post-Morten report of the child named Gonzalez, the child suffered several blunt force injuries, forehead and scalp contusions, a forehead laceration, multiple injuries on his arms and legs, three broken ribs, and a broken right arm.

Pathologists believe that Gonzalez suffered injuries for weeks or a month before his death.

Texas: Mother Slammed Toddler Son's Head Into Wall
Texas: Mother Slammed Toddler Son’s Head Into Wall

According to the sources, on the 28th of May, Sanchez slammed the child’s head into a wall and when she found the body unresponsive to her, she stuffed his body in a closet. She kept the child’s body in her home for two days and after that, she wrapped the body in trash bags and discarded it in a dumpster, near Park Lake Drive Baptist Church.

After doing so, Sanchez reported a missing complaint of her son for two days on the 1st of June.

After finding that Sanchez killed her son, she lost custody of her other six children, due to drug use.

The toddler’s biological father named Lorenzo Gonzalez who is 28 years old was also arrested in the middle of June for allowing Sanchez to watch their son.

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