The 15 best TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Bored sitting at home? Can’t find out new series to watch? Don’t worry we are here with 15 new shows for you that is a must-watch. All of them are available on Amazon Prime Video and are worthy of your time. Plus they are of every genre including comedy, a historical adventure, or an emotional medical drama and many more to add to the list. 

  • Upload:

One of another comedy by Greg Daniel which is gaining good reviews from everyone and has become a must-watch. It takes you in the year 2033 when computer programmer Nathan decides to transport to a virtual afterlife. The show takes into afterlife comedy which is quite fresh and interesting. 

  • The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel:

The show about a determined lady who is all set to climb up to the heights of the Ney York City comedy scenes by being a stand-up comedian. She is supposed to be a perfect housewife of the 1950s, and she does that by taking care of her kids, keeping the house in order, and plus she is an excellent stand-up comedian. 

  • Mr. Robot:

A dark and filled with suspense Mr. Robot is really going to get you involved in it. In the day Elliot Alderson works as a cybersecurity programmer, while at night he becomes a hacker trying to bring down his company’s main client under the guidance of the mysterious Mr. Robot. Overall, it is worth watching a thriller drama. 

  • Downtown Abbey:

The 15 best TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video
The 15 best Tv shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video

It’s time to take a tour to the Yorkshire estate and meet the Crawley family and their servants. This is a historical drama that brings out the social hierarchy of England during the post-Edwardian era. 

  • Fleabag:

A drama filled with dark humor, relatable themes, and has got several awards during Emmys and Golden Globes. The series has two seasons with a handful of episodes that can turn your boring weekend into a great one. It stars a sexually adventurous woman from London who is trying to figure out her life after the death of her best friend. 

  • Jack Ryan:

In 2018, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan received a new screen adaptation. The story revolves around Ryan who leaves his CIA financial analyst desk job to run into the field where he hopes to end the schemes of a terrorist.  

  • Star Trek: The Original Series

The sci-fi series that started in the 60s and now has exploded into a massive franchise. The show’s complex plot and unique character interactions have defined the sci-fi landscape in a great way. 

  • Grimm:

A supernatural fantasy that has secured a position and fan base after its two seasons, and now is a redeemed one. The protagonist Portland Homicide detective Nick is tasked with maintaining peace with the mythological Western and the human race. 

  • Vikings:

A historical drama, loaded with adventures and resilience. It has Norse farmer Ragnar Lothbrok who is rising up from his humble beginning to become the leader of the Vikings.

  • Parks and Creation:

The show features Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe, Adam Scott, and more, all of your favorite artists. Here, Leslie Knope wants to make the small town of Pawnee, Indiana into the best possible place, but there are lots of problems arising in the way. 

  • Poldark:

The story of the titular captain returning to his Cornwall home after fighting in the American Revolutionary War. It is a British historical drama where the protagonist faces tragedies in his life and loses everything, but still, he builds up again. 

  • House:

The show will keep you occupied all the time. A story of the cynical head doctor of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital leading his patients through his unconventional practices. 

  • Suits:

You will catch up with the story of a college dropout Mike Ross after he begins a law career in New York City despite being unqualified. The legal drama features well-crafted characters and clever storylines, and it is always fun to watch.

  • Undone:

The animation comedy-drama about a woman’s ability to twist time after a car crash and the effect it has on her relationship with her late father.

  • Rock:

The seven-season series is an all-time favorite of everyone and holds everything incredibly well. The show follows a head writer who struggles to manage the star of TGS and Tracy Jordon and bring the show together under the guidance of her controlling boss. 

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