The Border Patrol provides an insight into the Texas Crash that killed 7 people.

On Saturday, the U.S. Border Patrol officials revealed more information about a crash that took place on Thursday in El Paso, situated in Texas, resulting in the death of seven people.

The deceased identified were among the 10 people who were riding a 2019 Chevrolet Cruze.

These people were chased by the Border Patrol agents after they received an alert from the border sensor KFOX14 of El Paso was recorded.

3 deceased were identified as illegal immigrants— two of them belong to Mexico, while one was from Guatemala. On Saturday, the Border Patrol said that these victims were smuggled into the U.S.

The Border Patrol provides an insight into the Texas Crash that killed 7 people.
The Border Patrol provides an insight into the Texas Crash that killed 7 people.

The remaining 4 victims were the local residents of El Paso, those includes— two women, a driver of 18-years-old along with another man.

Gloria Chavez, the Chief Patrol of El Paso Sector Border Patrol said in a statement, “Human smuggling is not a victimless crime.” She continued “This is a tragic loss for our El Paso Community.”

The authorities confirmed that the people who were injured in the crash were— a 16-years-old boy along with two men 18, and 25 years respectively.

The agents of Border Patrol got an alert regarding a suspicious vehicle traced near the border of the Sunland Park, N.M., around 1:30 p.m., on Thursday, reported by the El Paso Times.

According to the Times report, after locating the vehicle the Border Patrol Agents stopped the traffic, but later on finding themselves chasing the fled Cruze.

Shortly after the Cruze, failed to traverse a curve, and crashed into a parked trailer while trying to cross a median, reported by KFOX14.

On Friday, an immigrant’s advocacy group called for an investigation stating the crash as an avoidable incident.

The Director of the Border Network for Human Rights, Fernando Garcia delivered a statement to the Times, which reads, “BNHR is devastated for the families and the seven individuals whose lives were lost in this terrible and avoidable incident.”

He further added, “We can only imagine the circumstances in which this incident might have happened, and though we are not blaming anyone at this time, we have also witnessed that this is not the only time when reckless persecution from the U.S.

Border Patrol has endangered immigrants in our area.”

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