The Boys Season 2: We Finally Have A Release Date On Prime Videos

Amazon has just released the premiere date for the second season of the series, one of the most anticipated of 2020.

Many of us are looking forward to the second season of ‘The Boys’. The Amazon Prime Video series is about to launch its second installment, and today we finally just know on what date it will do so. Mark this day on the calendar, because next Friday, September 4 will be when we finally see the first three episodes of the program, then each Friday having the premiere of a new chapter until ending on October 9 with an epic season finale.

The statement arrives just after the cast has teamed up in a virtual event hosted by Season 2 guest star Patton Oswalt, who reviewed Season 1 and gave some information about the new one. The show of the new season was also displayed at this virtual function, which “follows The Boys on the run from justice, followed by the Supers and desperately trying to regroup and fight Vought.

Hiding, Hughie, Leche Materna, El Francés and La Hembra try to adjust to new normality without being able to find Carnicero. Meanwhile, Starlight must carve out a spot for herself between The Seven and Patriot will focus on getting full control. Her power is going to be abused with the appearance of Stormfront a new social media expert who has her own mission. On top of all that, the threat from the Supervillain takes center stage as Vought tries to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot speak of specific dates, but at least we can know that before the summer of next year this expected title will already be among us.

For further updates on the second season of ‘The Boys’ stay tuned and keep reading “Andover leader”.

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