The city’s police department planned to be disbanded by Minneapolis city council members. 

A very insensitive incident was reported from the US a few days ago. In this incident, a white Minneapolis police officer named Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of a black 46-year old for more than 8 minutes.

After this, the man was pronounced dead later that night. It was all recorded and reported in a cell phone video. The man was even heard saying that he couldn’t breathe. But the police officer showed no concern. The act has sparked protests throughout America. 

Among all the George Floyd protest going on, one news has become quite common in the past few days, the brutality of the police on protestors.

It has been reported across many states throughout the country. Many have raised concern on this issue including some too officials too. Many decisions are also taken place in this direction to restrain the police.

The city's police department planned to be disbanded by Minneapolis city council members. 
The city’s police department planned to be disbanded by Minneapolis city council members.

This includes passing a new law, restricting few activities, and suspension of police officers charged with violence on protestors. 

Changes to the police department have been the call of most of the protestors. A Minneapolis park witnessed a rally of hundreds of people on Sunday afternoon, for the same cause. Even matters regarding the disbandment of the city’s police department were raised by 9 out of the 13 city council members when they stood upon the stage. 

Last week, the council president Lisa Bender along with a member Jeremiah Ellison tweeted that they are planning to dismantle the city’s police department.

However, there are no concrete details on the issue, as to whether it’s really going to happen, and if yes, then how it’s going to happen and various such questions remain unanswered. 

Cunningham said that “We’re not going to tomorrow all the sudden have nobody for you to call for help. There will be thoughtful and intentional work that’s done, research engagement, learning that happens in a transition that will happen over time,” 

However, many people have shown their concern on the issue saying it will break the law and order of the city.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey said that “I’ll work relentlessly with Chief Arradondo and alongside the community toward deep, structural reform and addressing systemic racism in police culture,” the mayor said.

“And we’re ready to dig in and enact more community-led, public safety strategies on behalf of our city. But I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department.” 

Let’s see what developments happen in this direction. To remain updated, stay tuned with us. 

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