The Easiest Way to Shop for Pharmaceuticals in These Uncertain Times


These recent times have been difficult for a number of reasons. Obviously, the most immediate problem is the threat itself, with going out to do shopping just being a risky proposition. Even if you aren’t particularly susceptible to an illness, if you have children, elderly or otherwise infirm people in your home, you run a risk of bringing something quite lethal home with you.

The broader-reaching issue is that things like supply chains have been disrupted, minimal staff is available to run retail outlets and pharmacies, and the panic mentality of people results in entirely too much product being bought and hoarded.

So, on top of the already high price of medications, increased demand raises the price even further, and it’s just a mess. How can you safely, affordably obtain your medications during all of this madness? Where are these products available at a decent price, and guaranteed availability?

Well, you’re already used to using the Internet for just about everything now, so this solution shouldn’t surprise you too much. What will surprise you is where exactly online you should get your medications, and you will get a pleasant surprise from an additional stratagem you can employ to reduce your prices even further.

First, shop generic.

Generic medications are something that a lot of people are surprised even exist. After all, in many other industries, generic alternatives are often subpar, a good example being soft drinks. Generic cola is rarely quite as good, by popular opinion, as something like Pepsi or Coca-Cola. However, due to the stricter regulations on how medications are even formulated, generic medications are actually chemically identical to their brand-name counterparts.

You will notice some subtle differences, but these differences are purely cosmetic. In the case of pills, they may be a slightly different color, shape and maybe even size. The dosage, however, will be identical, as will its chemical composition. It will also have an even stranger name than the already strange brand-name medicine name you’re used to.

Canadian pharmacies are excellent!

Retail prices for medication are lower in Canada, with the difference in price being offset by taxes on citizens. It looks like Canadian citizens are paying a lot less for their medications than Americans, and they are still paying somewhat less, but they’re not paying nearly is much less as you might think from the listed prices. Products available in Canada, however, will cost you considerably less because you’re not part of their tax system.

You will incur some small fees when ordering from an online Canadian pharmacy, because you’re importing a product from across the border. Customs and control fees will apply, Uncle Sam will always get his pound of flesh, of course. However, it will still be considerably cheaper than the prices of medications and pharmacies near you, especially right now.

You may be wondering if this is legal, and I can assure you that it most definitely is. As long as the medication you are purchasing is FDA approved, and it’s not some sort of particularly tricky controlled substance, you have no problems at all.

So let’s look at what you’ve achieved here. You no longer have to go out, and be around people and in a pharmacy where you may be exposed to the pandemic. Your purchasing your medications online, and from a source that’s inherently cheaper than the one within your own region. You’re also buying generics, which are also inherently much cheaper, because like with anything else, you pay for labels. You’ve just reduced your medication prices by as much as 50%, and at the very least, by 20%.

You’re welcome!


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