The Guilty: Hollywood’s ‘Guilty’ Of Stealing Success From Foreign Film

The Guilty is a suspenseful and exhilarating thriller with outstanding performances from its lead ensemble, but it falls short of its Danish inspiration.
The Guilty is a suspenseful and exhilarating thriller with outstanding performances from its lead ensemble, but it falls short of its Danish inspiration.

“The Girl Who Played with Fire,” an adaptation of the 2018 Danish thriller The Guilty, stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a sleuth. The Hollywoodized version, on the other hand, features a less-than-stellar climax that falls short of the original.

At the start of the film, wildfires engulf the Los Angeles hills, which are lit by massive screens. Despite this, the audience spends the entire film in a drab office building. As a result of this strange contrast, the next 90 minutes will be far more intense.

Gyllenhaal’s Portrayal Of Joe

Jake Gyllenhaal displays some of his personal problems as 911 operator Joe Baylor when he engages. Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of Joe as a man struggling for his life is faultless throughout the film. His dissatisfaction with his job grows to a new level as a result of Emily.

As Joe fights to save Emily from his powerless position in the responder’s office, dramatic twists and turns occur.

Despite the fact that the majority of this picture is dialogue, Gyllenhaal and Keough are enough to keep the action moving. They form an excellent pairing, with Gyllenhaal’s furious helplessness and Keough’s terror and panic. ‘Unexpectedly well-known actors play roles they’ve never played before.’

 Despite the fact that their performances are nearly identical, Ethan Hawke, Peter Sarsgaard, and Paul Dano all have lines in the film. Despite the fact that Gyllenhaal is the film’s lead, The Guilty makes no attempt to hide the fact that he dominates the screen time, leaving little to no opportunity for anyone else save for discussion. This reproduction perfectly reproduces every detail of the original.


Foreign Films That Have Been Dubbed Into English Are Nothing New To American Spectators

Gyllenhaal is unlikely to have been able to afford a role in the Danish original due to the low budget. Netflix might have saved money and boosted the Danish film industry by purchasing the original rather than remaking it in English, which an American production company recreated for $30 million.

 It is not uncommon for Hollywood to change foreign films due to this issue. Would we be seeing the remake of Parasite in 2023 if this Oscar-winning film starring Emma Stone and Timothée Chalamet as siblings had not been a success?

It Is Very “Complex” To Understand

Despite the film’s complex underlying problem, there are dramatic moments throughout The Guilty. Fuqua’s cinematography and the performances of the two actors are responsible for this short yet captivating thriller.

The film is nevertheless enjoyable since the third act surprises more than compensates for the lack of payoff at the end.

Whatever your feelings towards Gyllenhaal are, this 90-minute Netflix drama is worth your time. Despite the fact that the Hollywood remake has a larger budget and a longer attention span than the Danish version, I strongly suggest watching the original.

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