The Mexican drug kingpin revealed about his addiction for women.

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican drug kingpin revealed that he is the father of 23 childrens and also he is only addicted to women in a 2016 interview, says the media reports.

During an interview with Mónica Ramírez Cano, who is a criminologist famous for interviewing Mexican drug lords, Guzman made the revelations. The interview took place after the Mexican authorities failed to capture Guzman from his second escape from the prison.

A 5-second clip on the social media was shared by Ramírez Cano.

Cano asked him, “What are your addictions?”

To which Guzman replied, “None, my only addiction are the women.”

The 63-years-old founder of the Shinola Cartel, Guzman has to spend his whole life in prison, for playing a role in drug gang. At present, he is in Administrative Maximum (ADX) Florence, located in Florence, Colo., popularly termed as the the Alcatraz of the Rockies.

Guzman is married for 4 times, with is most recent marriage to Emma Coronel, the beauty queen. They had a twin baby in 2011.

As a Cartel leader, Guzman made $12.6 billion. He revealed to Ramirez Cano that he didn’t support kidnapping, which was the popular tactics used by most of the criminal groups, as he felt it was the worst crime.

As a leader, he made Sinaloa Cartel the most famous drug cartel in Mexico. The drugs were smuggled to the US in multiple channels, while making billions of profits, while shedding blood and mayhem.

In the past week, Guzman’s lawyer made an appelation for his conspiracy conviction including the sex abuse allegation against him that were barred from his arraignment.

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