The Most Unforgettable James Bond Scenes in the Franchise


    James Bond is also known as “007” throughout the movie franchise  

    With 24 movies and a 25th on the way, the Bond franchise is one of the film industry’s most long-lived and most successful. Movie goers everywhere can’t get enough of 007 and his sharp, handsome demeanour, out to save the world from harm and evil at every possible chance.

    Later this year the series will make history with the release of its latest instalment, No Time to Die, securing its place as the longest running movie franchise after Godzilla. In the spirit of the highly anticipated new film, we thought it only fitting to take a trip down memory lane, recalling some of the best scenes from the early Bond days until modern day 007.

    “Bond, James Bond” (Dr. No)

    In the very first James Bond film, Dr. No, those special words were spoken for the very first time. Bond’s introduction is one that would change everything for the movie series, making fans delighted at hearing those lines in every movie that came after. In the 1962 film, the OG Bond, Sean Connery is situated in a casino playing baccarat when he meets a woman and introduces himself as, “Bond, James Bond”. This suave scene goes down in history as the most memorable Bond moment of all time.

    The Poker Game Between Bond and Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)

    Everyone that watches the Secret Agent on the big screen knows that a huge aspect of his movies has to do with the villains he sets out to conquer. In the 2006 Bond instalment, Casino Royale, the evil banker Le Chiffre is one such criminal and is attempting to destroy the world when Bond steps in and challenges him to a poker game for all he is worth. In an intense, nail-biting game, it looks like Le Chiffre has the upper hand against 007, but at the last moment Bond flips over a straight flush and wins a whopping $115 million, saving humanity from Le Chiffre’s wrath.

    Although Ian Fleming’s novel that the movie is based on had the pair duelling it out in a game of bacarat, No-Limit Hold’em was featured instead. This is because this poker variant had become the favoured one shown in movies in the mid-2000s. Either way, Daniel Craig smashed the role and has been invited back to play Bond again in every movie since then. In fact, Craig has already publicly voiced his feelings about being chosen to continue as 007 in No Time to Die, saying that he is ‘very happy’ with the opportunity to return.

    The Jump Stunt Off Contra Dam (GoldenEye)

    James Bond loves a good stunt. However, when we talk about the most iconic stunt moments in the movie franchise, there’s no doubt that GoldenEye’s opening scene is at the top of the list. Here, in 1995, its Pierce Bronson who plays the British spy and has the honour of delivering the most mind-blowing jump off the Contra Dam in Switzerland. In the movie’s first few minutes, viewers see Bond running to the centre of a ginormous dam with a bundle of ropes. Quickly, 007 attaches the rope to the dam’s outer ledge and then leaps dramatically out into the air. Of course, because he is Bond, his bungee jump attempt sees him land perfectly safe on the ground below. What a way to begin a movie.

    A wax figure of Daniel Craig, the series’ latest actor, stands in the famous Madame Tussaud Museum in London, England

    The Shanghai Fight (Skyfall)

    Skyfall is a fan favourite when it comes to Bond films, so it’s no surprise that one of the best on-screen Bond moments originates from this 2012 instalment. This scene sees the Secret Agent engaged in a fight with the assassin Patrice, but it’s the cinematography value that makes it so special, with incredible camera movement and lighting all the way through. The fight, which takes place atop a skyscraper in the huge Chinese city, ultimately cumulates in Patrice’s death when he falls from the top. As far as visually pleasing scenes go, the Shanghai Fight has it all. Because the duel is set behind a bright blue background in the dark, each of the actor’s bodies are lit up and defined in a way they would otherwise not be possible.


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