The next Transformers under development with a new captain for the ship!

With the giant robot movies making up to $1 billion at the global box office routinely, the Transformers movies were considered to be one of the biggest franchises on the planet. However, it does seem that the franchise has been left without any direction ever since Michael Bay left the franchise after 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight. Though there has been a new deal towards the direction of the next installment and it finally seems like the ship is getting a new captain. 

Paramount Pictures and Creed 2 director Steven Caple Jr. are in a final deal that is yet to be signed and it is expected to be closed soon for the director to take up the assignment written by King Arthur: Legend of the Sword scribe Joby Harold. Harold’s script had been under development for a long time and now it’s his script that has been chosen for the next installment of Transformers. 

The movie is apparently preparing for a 2022 release, however, it is not lucid whether the movie would be a direct sequel to the most recent Transformers film or no. Another project that is known to be in development is another movie that is based on the Beast Wars part of Transformers, lore, whose script would be written by James Vanderbilt. 

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